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Is It Worth the Pain?

With all that has been happening I think I have to give out my thoughts to the universe. Seeing the younger people experience what I have gone through in the past (feeling lolah?), I can't help but reminisce the past.

For every heart ache in my life, I remember aching legs from long walks, forced breaths because of smoking, and reeling dizziness because of drunkenness. Yup, the same process; I was surprised to learn that this tendency is universal.

I am a veteran of the Lonely Hearts club... been there, been that. But of course for every person that you care about, the experience and coping mechanism is as different as my left handprint to my right handprint.

Asking questions like, "If we're going to turn back time and knowing that in the future it's going to hurt like hell, will you still go through the "friendship"? (I only learned now that there's really a semantics problem in every relationship, hmmm... interesting)

Amidst clouds of smoke and empty bottles of beer, you will immediately answer, "NOooooooooooooo!" But deep inside, will you really disregard that part of your past to escape the pain in the now moment?

Even if it may sound cliche and mushy to the nth power, some old quotes that we learned from dusty English textbooks really ring true... there's really a reason why they stand the test of time. They are universal truths.

"It's better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all."
"Love is not love when alteration finds."

I don't know if these are true but of course there's also this quote,
"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
That's why I am a firm believer in second chances but more than that, you don't exist in my universe anymore.

I also learned that you can't give all love and attention to one person. We are all human, just divide that love into many pieces and give the largest piece to yourself and just try to love everybody. The hurt that you feel after you have loved someone is exponentially proportional. The more you love, the more you risk being hurt. If you can handle it, I am with you my friend. Just do what you think is right for you. "No guts, no glory!"

Also, if you're going to start a relationship be it a friendship or "special friendship" or MU... gosh... the terms are endless, know his/her history. You may do good to him/her. You will go out of your way to accommdate his/her needs. But if that person is going out of a bad relationship, or on a rebound. Run!

You may be a pawn in his/her purpose to get revenge to the one that has hurt him/her or for want of a better term you may be a mirror of the past that he/she will dash and destroy to rebuild a broken ego. Animals who are hurt cannot be controlled or reasoned with. Men and women (sometimes) can be fragile, weak, and insensitive.

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"All we need is love!" But Yoda is right, extreme emotions can lead to the dark side.

"Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering."

But of course, love can lead to fear. Fear of losing the one you love.

Are you ready to get to know your dark side? But you need to know that half of you, because it's a part of who you are.

Just hate for now, who knows, you might find the path to forgiveness, but never forget... never ever forget past wrongs. Forgive but not forget.


Gizmo said…
Wow cool blog.hey can you give me some tips on how you made your blog.I'm dieing to know how to create my own backround.I only know how to change colors.
Neth said…
hello -

thanks! a friend of mine helped me with my blog template.. but what you could do is find a blog that you like then view the HTML code by clicking on View -> Source on internet explorer.

Then, do some customizations, maybe create jpg files (pictures) then upload it which you can then include/reference on the code.

one more thing.. experiment with a new blog... a dummy blog which you could modify...

good luck!
i had been on the rebound and also found someone on a rebound too, even one from a bad relationship. I also met who's into a LDR.
being hurt is something i have learned to get away from. i have developed this defense mechanism to get over my 'subjects' to avoid being hurt.
nonetheless, i love the l
Neth said…
nice cris! you are truly a lovable person... just keep on loving and you'll finally meet the person that will make you happy .. :)
zedz0827 said…
Goshy nette, your blog is somewhat related to what's happening to me now... I dunno how to get back to myself... My smiles turns out to frown... But why am I still giving a third chance? And hoping that I will be the same again... Though the relationship is still there doubts are now taking place...
Neth said…
zendz! different strokes for different folks iba-iba talaga ang nangyayari sa ating lahat... keep on loving dear! :)

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