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A full weekend...

My brother took out our bluetooth device so here I am disappointed that I am unable to post the pictures of my weekend. But just the same, I will upload it once my bro remembers to bring the darn device home.

Last Saturday, our company together with "Hand-On Manila" went to a Children's Center somewhere in Cubao to conduct a Mural Painting. It was fun! We were able to paint several happy pictures of children playing various sports, children basking in the warmth of their family and friends and other gigantic paintings that will entice the children to enter the doors of this institution to be taught by selfless teachers, and to share happy moments with other children. Hopefully, they will be successful in keeping children off the streets.

My office barkads were kidding me because I really can't paint within the designed areas. The mural paintings were already pre-sketched by an in-house painter and he just instructed us to what paint color goes to what area. It's just like a giant coloring book. Being slightly groggy and inherently untalented in anything that requires painting, coloring or drawing (it doesn't help that I have a slight problem with color distinction... blue, violet... looks the same to me). I will wreck a see-saw, a tree, and I will paint a background differently! I should paint the ground green. For some reason, my area turned out obviously different. I don't know why!

Maybe it's my deviant personality, I could give Da Vinci a heart attack but I can certainly put a smile to Picasso's face anytime. I will tell him, it's abstract! A play of colors! It's surrealism mixed with impressionism. Charuz! In short, I don't know what the hell I am doing. But in the end, it turned out fine! Thanks to kuya painter and a little help from my friends! Amen!


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A good ending...

At last, there is already a resolution to the settingherfree saga. It took the writer a long time to end it... honestly, I think it's a work of fiction, crafted before valentine's day, to give couple-less individuals a boo-hoo-hoo....

It's just too good to be true... my theory is that it's a creative writing student's thesis or something...

The writer is good... and he has a good imagination. I posted a comment... hope he won't delete it....

Update: He did delete it! So, it's really too good to be true. (Ba't ko sya inaaway? HAHAHA!) I should really get a life... AMEN!

Hello, it's me!

It's been awhile since I have shared something on this space about my thoughts and my life. Well, where do I start? Maybe just like an old good friend, I will try to give you some highlights on the past years when I was not blogging.

The biggest thing that happened to me so far was I got my Australian citizenship. I know right? I know that it may not be a big deal to others but for me, this is something that I have tried to work on for the past 5 years.  My kababayans might say that I am ungrateful, but we cannot discount the fact that with a blue passport from a country like Australia, I can travel to many countries - visa free without immigration officers trying to catch my eye and check if I am planning to do something illegal on their country.

No offense, but every time I stand on the immigration line going into another country, my heart always work double/triple time because I am too anxious to be deported back to my country even if I know that I have the proper visa.

Aside …
The newest Gay Icon - lady Gaga

After Amy Winehouse, we have a new gay icon in Lady Gaga (aka Christina Galera) in tangga.

Find Alma Moreno-neque dance moves! :)