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"Love, believe, survive, LOVESTRUCK! "

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I haven't watched a movie in an air-conditioned, lulling me to sleep, air-freshener-filled movie theatre for quite some time. And after, a long hiatus (a month is soooo long), my friend Laurie and I watched Lovestruck! (can't help myself, I have to put an exclamation point there).

"Together forever, La la la la (forgot the lyrics)". This is a circa 1986 movie. A movie with a production number at the start and at the end as the credits are rolling, think "Petrang kabayo, or horsey-horsey tigidig-tigidig". Well, so much about the okray.... this movie is fun to watch. A light movie that will make you laugh and make you forget your worries for awhile.

Loved the gay character of Rainier Castillo (hayy.. really a sucker for gay men). I think Mike Tan has a cute smile. My favorite writer Jessica Zafra was parodied in this movie. Jolina Magdangal played the part of a book author/columnist. She and Jenalyn have those classic Zafra glasses but Jolina is a "Romance" columnist. I think Jessica will rather eat salad or drop dead than write a romance column.

I loved Jolina in this movie. She played different characters such as "negrong bangkero" black boatman, Ai-Ai look-a-like, Betty La Feya, etc. She was hilarious!

If you just like to be entertained, go catch this film! Just don't set any expectations and indulge in the guilty pleasure!

Narnia Experience

I so love the Chronicles of Narnia! I just finished the second book (there are seven in the series, just like Harry potter) "The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe". It is so good! If I am going to teach a child about faith and Jesus Christ, I would read to him/her this book! If only evangelicals can teach faith in a creative manner such as C.S. Lewis. Well, this is just my opinion anyway, but the way the "Sacrificial Lamb" was depicted in this book is not preachy, not "holier-than-thou"; just a fairy tale-like story that can be easily explained to a toddler. Simplicity is really a virtue.

Can't wait to finish the rest.


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