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Ode to Cabbies....

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They can make or unmake our day. They can make us believe in humanity's altruism or make us loathe that they ever existed. The smell of leather and clean upholsterty can lift us to scent bliss or make us turn blue because we instinctively hold our breath upon closing the taxi's doors when our nostrils realize that there's a peculiar aroma emanating from the car's interior.

I am one of the fortunate ones (or unfortunate) whose place of residence is "walkable" to the place where I work. So, I always ride the taxi because taking the PUVs from our house to the office will take me about 30 minutes compared to just a mere 10 minutes if I take the cab.

In a good day, I will be walking along Nicanor Street a.k.a Reposo St., then the first taxi that I'll hail, "Hail Mary!" it will stop and without any questions or arguments I will be ushered in. There will be a polite and friendly greeting of "Good Morning Ma'am!" just like Robin Padilla in his Shawi/Robin movie days. Sometimes if the planets are aligned the taxi driver can look like Robin Padilla. I think I occasioned upon a taxi driver who was very cute and when I paid my fare I realized that it was a girl. hahahaha....

"I love you manong!" This I can only mutter upon alighting in Dela Costa if it was a good day... if Dr. Jeckyl was on board. But what if Mr. Hyde was on the driver's seat? You can immediately discern this by the rantings/rumblings of this driver as he drives you to your destination. As if it was your fault that the traffic is heavy and the cars seem to be unmoving. Sometimes, he can take the longest possible route to take you to where you are going. Ok... it may be my fault because I was too deep into my own world listening to my IPod (naks! shameless plugging). But still! Argh! My BP can immediately skyrocket and I can feel that my face is turning red! "I hate! No.. I loathe those taxi drivers!"

I always have murderous thoughts in my head when I am inside such shameless drivers. If I could just take my earphones and strangle the darn driver with it, I would! But serving time in jail just for an impolite/imbecile/raucous driver is not my idea of justice. So, I'll just say my piece (translation: nagging galore) then space-out. Passive aggressiveness to the core!

But I think taxis are here to stay. I really have a love-hate relationship with cab drivers. Until I get my own car, I have to live with the idea that there will be good cabbies and there will be EVIL cabbies. God, if you're listening kindly keep me away from evil cabbies. Please..... Amen!


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