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Timpla, Berhouz, Marina, Saguijo -- a foodie's dream....

These past few days, I was in food and drink heaven! It's been awhile since I had my last bonding session (translation: alcohol! and cholesterol!). Last Friday, dahon, blonde muscleman and moi went to Timpla restaurant (located at Paseo Center) to sample their cuisine. We had no expectations and chatted about. With dahon serving as the blonde muscleman's secretary... we were just there to enjoy each other's company. But when the food arrived, we were a little disappointed because of the small serving but when the food landed in our taste buds... mmmmmm.... an explosion of tastes!

The tuna belly was good... you can take it without the sauce, the tilapia fritters was crunchy and kakaiba... the egg plant salad was good! You must try it. Of course, the three of us were also satisfied with the service... (translation: cute waiters).

The next day, after our football game, we went to Berhouz along timog avenue to sample perisian cuisines. The place is not a typical restaurant. It's more of a karinderia from outside but they have an air-conditioned space in the second floor where we stayed. It was my first time to sample ox-brain... verdict... sinfully delicious. It was good! The pita bread was crunchy and the salad was superb!

After a hearty dinner we went to Marina for some sounds and of course, beverage... hehehe... They have a 9 pm promo (bucket of beer and bucket of oyster for only 200+ pesoses) and the band that played was ok. Not that good, but decent. I haven't smoked for awhile and that day, a friend and I consumed 2 packs. I think I was the one who consumed most of it. How I missed the smoke... hayyy...

Yesterday, we went to saguijo bar ( to watch stonefree and bridge (filipino bands). The place is unlike any bar I have been in (counting the beer gardens I visited in my younger days.. ). It's a house transformed into a bar/tavern. It's cozy, homey and the music was heavenly. I am a convert! I am now a fan of stonefree and bridge. For the longest time, I didn't know that the bass player of stonefree was our batchmate... small world! I can still remember the look of surprise on his face when he saw me (parang nakakita ng multo)... hehehe :)

All in all, nice places to dine in and to hang out with friends. This is the life... music, booze, food and friends who you want to bond with.... Amen!


docchef said…
is timpla still open? thinking of trying out tha place...

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