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kaw pala!

James yap picture
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My gosh... nawarla akey sa paghahanap ng picture ni James Yap. I just got curious because of the whole brouhaha of this yap-aquino affair. Purefoods cager (is this a projection stance in the part of Kris Aquino because she can't have Alvin Patrimonio?... hmmmm....)...

This is an excerpt of an interview with James upon joining the PBA.

"He also looks forward to about 10 more years of basketball in his life as he also considers a professional career in the future for his family."
"In the meantime, he describes his ideal girl as one who is "chinita, loving and faithful." Blessed with good looks, James has been modeling for Jag and Converse outfits. He only smiled sheepishly when pressed how he would respond to tinseldom's call, as he disclosed that his basketball career is managed by the scion of the Demonteverde clan which owns Viva Films."

Chinita- check, loving-probably a check... faithful??? Who am I to judge Kris but I pray that the Lord grants James loads and loads of patience.... infinitum...


Anonymous said…

BOY Abunda: KRIS, JAMES Ka Na Ba?
KRIS: YAP, Yap, Yap!!!

Kaya Pilipinas, need we say more????
Anonymous said…
True indeed, the world seems to literally stop whenever the quintessential goddess of the limelight opens her mouth, especially when it pertains her lovelife.
For Kris to have finally found in James her long-cherished perennial partner bodes well for the Kris Aquino that everyone would love to see succeed by turning obstacles in her life as mere opportunities at evolving or morphing into a better & stronger person that she had shown from the start, one who is as fitting a specie before her fellowmen & God!
Congrats to the beautiful mix of a duo in Kris & James. With Kris' impending church union with James, the masa or the common tao & the public would love & embrace, replete with arms wide open Kris Aquino even more. Remeber, Kris does not only have those who have faith in her through her trademark honesty, bravery & transparency, but those of us who are devoted catholics as well. Once Kris is able to please the masa as well as God, then she will be unstoppable in the eyes of the adoring public, and she will surely emerge to be an important fixture not only in showbiz, but more so in politics even sooner than we will realize.
Kris' choice of James, has a great telling & bearing concerning the purity of the Aquino family's hearts, Cory, Kris, Noynoy, Balsy et al included. Kris' choice of James Yap unearths the magnanimity & homogeneity of the Aquinos, a known illustrados, with the common people, ever willing to diffuse through the illusory divide that since time immemorial, polarizes the rich & the poor, one that forces both social classes to stay put at opposing ends of the social spectrum, so long as what matters is that of the purity & pristine intentions of one's heart to love & be loved, as could best describe in the phenomenon that is, KRIS Aquino & James Yap.
Neth said…
i agree... kris aquino provides an alternative to the bitter realities of politics...
1. Case of Mike Arroyo was disregarded by the public, they stayed glued to their screens on the unfolding of the kris-joey story.
2. Case of Hello Garci, not good entertainment.. kris-james affair... that's interesting!

so u see, kris aquino is really a great help to the Arroyo presidency....

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