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A balanced weekend....

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The weekend started with something for the physique (naks!). We again trooped to the UP Sunken Garden for some kicking and running action. As usual, the kabataans were there! The long-haired dude was not there but there were additional high schoolers ripe for the picking.

I like soccer not just for the health benefits (aerobic ... you can never have enough aerobic stuff in your system), the scene is calming and soothing. The green field spread before you filled with youngsters in bright shirts and vibrant energy. I really love the smell of grass and damp earth; this couple with the welcoming heat of the sun - a real treat for office yuppies boxed in their cubicles five days a week. I hope this will be a weekend habit. This habit I will not break.

After the heart-pumping game, of course.. treat for me, a Jolibee Big Meal! I know I may sound like a marketing officer for Jobie but I really love their new promo. Big Meal for Big Kids like me! Yummy! Try it!

Sunday, of course is reserved for the soul-light reading, a DVD (Under the Tuscan sun! Nice movie, vibrant colors!), and I had a chance to catch Jay Leno's interview with Will Smith. I love Will Smith (a fellow Libran). Like John Lennon, he embodies, the true libran spirit. Fun, carefree spirit and of course the artistic spirit!

He made this statement which I personally believe in, " There are 2 keys in life... (2Rs)..Running and Reading." Running because it teaches you to overcome adversity and it makes your psyche stronger. Reading because nothing is new under the sun. Somebody before you has experienced what you are experiencing right now so by reading you'll get to learn what you need to go through life. Hmmmm.... and of course, I love his shoes in that interview. A guy with something inside his head, witty, with a good fashion sense, who always look good. But sadness, he's straight!

Oh... one last thing... don't watch La Visa Loca. It's just a waste of time and money. If you're mom asks you to watch it with her, choose another movie. That's 2 hours of my life that I will never regain. Hayyy....


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