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Talipana's Best Kept Secret -- according to moi

Galera's Lukas
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For every vacation that I take, I am more excited with the trip/journey rather than the destination. That's why I was totally thrilled when I went to Sagada a few years back because of the 17 hr ride and the rustic scenes we passed by and the people you bonded with (for life!) . Besides the scenery, the FOOD should be good and sumptuous!

Talipana Beach in Puerto Galera may not have a ring of recognition for some but if you would like peace, tranquility, (beach full of fafa foreigners and fafa locals), and good Italian good, this is the beach for you ... including bitches and bitches wannabes.

First food trip stop in Talipana should be 'LUKAS' restaurant! Thanks to Faye and fafa Erbie for introducing us to this resto. This is a restaurant serving Italian cuisine and the cook/chef is ITALIAN (how authentic can you get). From my vantage point, I can see this fafa cook weaving his magic in the kitchen. Sad though, he is the only one preparing the food, in a small kitchen with limited kitchen equipment so a word of caution... Be there 2-3 hrs in advance. You don't want to famish, waiting for the food while smelling the sizzling aroma from the other tables.

The marinara pasta was superb and I have yet to see a big heap of pasta and seafood for only 220 Pesosesss... The Beef Steak is heavenly. According to chef erbie, the herbs (rosemary, oregano.. etc) chef lukas put into the dish differentiate it from the beef steak we are all accustomed with. The pizza and the enormous calzone are served straight from the oven. This is hot --- I think I got tongue blisters when I put a mouthful of calzone after it was served (katakawan!).

The only downer to this food establishment is the service. Although we can't really compare manila food servers and those from Lukas because the environment in Talipana is quite provincial, their service can put one's patience to the test.

This weekend sojourn to Talipana is a welcome break for all of us. I really enjoyed watching the gang strut their stuff in the beach. With porshee's mala FHM pose sa batuhan that can put Andrea del Rosario to shame, and the ladies in skimpy swimwear... Too bad our boys were only wearing board shorts... I forgot to shop for trunks for each of them for my viewing pleasure... next time! There are only a few people in Talipan, no bars so you can really enjoy the peace and the scenes without throngs of people haggling the beach. If you have the time, you should go to Talipana this weekend! It's really worth it!


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dahon said…
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Anyway, harass lang ng harass ng fafables! Summer, magandang opportunidad, hahaha! :)

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