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Omigod! My legs ached and I can’t get off my bed for 30 minutes. It took a lot of effort just to stand. I remembered that my room is in the second floor so I have to go down to go to work. Argh…. I can’t fold my knees. Why am I in pain today? Because of the 10 Ks!

Yesterday, I ran a 10K race. My goal was not to finish in the top 3 but just to finish the race hopefully in 80 minutes as a co-worker suggested. I woke up at about 4 AM (race starts at 530). Feeling groggy, I forced myself to take a batch and to arrange some of my gear.

Venue of the starting line was Fort bonifacio…. (ok… FB is a big place and we’re not sure where exactly in FB the race is going to start but we have faith in our taxi drivers… naks!). When shaporee and I reached the venue, it was already filled with runners. It was really like a carnival. The atmosphere was so festive and everybody looks fit. I was really inspired by the old folks who were there. I wish that I am still fit to run races when I reach their age. But this is the fun part, the runners were predominantly male! We only saw a handful of women. So, girls… smorgasbord itoh!

The first runners to start the race were those running the 25 K race, they started at 530 AM. Then after 30 minutes, the 10K and 5 K runners were already set. I scanned the crowd and I saw a fafa! Listening to his IPOD, bald, mestizo and so cute! So, as we were waiting the start of the race, I was glancing at his direction trying to gauge if I could run alongside him. Diba para may inspiration ang lolah! So, the timer went 3, 2, 1… ching! (gun shot). I tell you it’s an exciting sight to behold. A thousand runners and all of them were running in sync! I looked for my fafa runner but he was fast! For the life of me, I can’t match his pace! Hay.. sadness.. oh well… got to start working… left, right, left, right, breathe in, breathe out…

From FB, I was unaware of the route were going to take (I can’t read maps for the life of me…). So, I was just following the other runners… then we were already in C5, then Buendia then the martial announced, “5 K runners, turnaround.. 10 K runners, continue… hanggang AYALA!” Omigosh! I think I felt head spinning… AYALA! Arggghh.. so I muster all the air I could breathe in and hoped that I could finish the race.

“Di ba tinataxi ko itoh… pero ngayon tinatakbo ko! Gosh!” I will never look at Ayala the same way again… I am going to go back… yippee!!! 40 minutes… (FB to AYALA) not bad I thought…. so, glance around for potential fafas…. No one in sight.. hay…sadness…

As I was running back.. I saw C5.. and realization struck me… “Pataas sya! Omigosh….! Nde ko na kaya itich!” What motivated me to go on? I started chanting (aloud ha..)… “HOT FUDGE, BURGER STEAK, JOLLY HOTDOG, FRENCH FRIES!” My encyclopedic knowledge of the Jollibee menu saved me! I was really imagining the meal I was going to enjoy after this race and FOOD WAS MY SAVIOR! I didn’t care if the other runners were looking at me as if I was out of my mind… or worse, I was hallucinating already.. hahahaha…

Then, the most marvelous sight …. the FINISH LINE!!! As I looked at the timer, I was really happy! 1:21 minutes! 81 minutes.. not bad! FB-AYALA-FB.

Shaporee, Fojam , Fafa Jon and I were really happy! We’re going to do this again! But first, I have to buy BenGay and Alaxan for this pain to go away…. “No pain, no gain!” Try to run a race… the pain is so worth it!!!!


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