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Gooooo Slam Glam!

Filipino Women Basketball is quite different from the WNBA that you watch on T.V but similarities also exist. Well, aside from the fact that we don't have the lumpy muscles of those Amazonian women, we are "noisy" on the court. You can hear it on T.V. and you can definitely hear it on the court. With chidings and "asarans" on the side, even if we were not able to win a single game, each game brings with it a level of fun and camaraderie that I will cherish and look back to when my knees grow weak.

Just some funny anecdotes from the court (excerpt from an email sent by one of the pillars of the team)
- Nakapaglaro si Michelle (imported from Hong Kong, kaka-flyhome lang) who played an all-around game. Scorer, Rebounder, Dribbler, Blocker. Napabagsak nya si Peaches (#6 ng Bratz). As in...napatumba nya!

- Natawagan ng 5-second violation si Kyle (Camille) sa painted area. Pero hindi nya alam kung anong nangyari. As-in blank face lang. Tapos nagtataka lahat bakit na-turn over na yung bola sa Pink team. Dahil pala don. Tawa kami nang tawa sa bench. Okay lang yon, Camille! Next year, di ba, maglalaro ka pa rin?
- Galing mag-screen ni Mel.

- Si Zendy, pede ring larong uno (a.k.a. point-guard; tiga-baba ng bola)
- Si Len, kahit medyo limping, willing pa rin to play in the game.

- Si Nette (ako yun!) , nag-ala-rambo nung naka-rebound to protect the ball. Tapos nung naka-shoot sya, she raised her 2 hands to celebrate, may sumabit na kalaban, nasapak!
-First time kong matawagan ng foul. And kahit walang f-um-a-foul sa akin, nadudulas ako sa court. Feeling ko, hindi na rubber shoes ang problema. Ako lang yung lampa. Old age na ito. Wala nang gamot dyan. Pero, meron ulit tayong 3 points na nasaksak. ;) -- > this I cannot believe because she was one of our all-around players...shooter, rebounder runner.. (ala Abarrientos!). Idol ko sya sa court!

I could also remember the time when a teammate was about to do an inbound and as the referee was preparing to give the ball to her. She ran out of the sidelines and shouted.. "Palaka, Palaka!!!!" It was so hilarious I tell you.

There was also a moment in time (naks, Whitney Houston) when a player from the opposing team was constantly harassing our ball handlers and then I suddenly saw her sprawled on the floor I asked my teammate what happened and she nonchalantly told me.. "Karma".

Hayy... six games that were full of fun, and sweat but a season full of firsts for some and a reminder that sports can be a great builder of friendships and relationships! Di ba coach and groupie? Peace!;)


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