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Zodiacs and personality types...

Since I've learned the different personality profiles of the different zodiac signs I have been mentally categorizing people and making notes of my acquaintances, friends, co-workers, classmates, teachers and of course, bosses in terms of the position of the sun during their birth. Dahon have a wonderful term for it... I am a Zodiacist!

It's true. I have been practising the art of knowing a person's sun sign from his/her facial features and also from other clues. And if all else fails, knowing their birthday and much better information -- the time of their birth! It's a handy knowledge I tell you. For a Libran such as myself, who of all things like world peace and harmony, knowing personality types is a great way to blend and to understand people so an not to avoid conflict. And of course, we use it to better analyze situations and people and to act accordingly.

I know understand why a certain person pisses you off for no particular reason. Just his/her presence is enough to make your blood pressure skyrocket! You know how to take care of people from the Cardinal signs (the strong and bossy signs!) and of course, you give very much leeway to people of compatible signs. There are just people who you really like-without knowing why. They seem to be familiar in some sort of freaky sense.

Some general observations... (not necessarily true for all people)

1. It's difficult to type a Scorpio. I always get this wrong. Why? Because scorpios are suppossed to be passionate people but some of the Scorpios I know are very gentle and very friendly. But I always forget that they hide their scorching passion and they don't carry it on their sleeves. But I've always been terrified of them. Be careful with Scorpios -- they can know your deepest, darkest secrets -- they're that good and disarming. One more thing... don't cross a scorpio --- their motto? They don't get mad, they get even!

One memorable Scorpio moment -- a fight between a Scorpio and an Aries! I run the hell out of that room as if my life depended on it!

2. Most of my bosses and friends' bosses are Cancers. Cancer bosses are great but very demanding. They know how to handle people and they are very professional. They are very nurturing.

3. Air signs are funny, articulate and witty people. Geminis, Aquarians, Librans are floating in different spheres. Aquarians are the dreamiest of the lot. Great writers and talkers too. Famous Gemini-Libra partners? Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Chico and Delamar! I always get along with Geminis. I cannot resist Gemini people. I swear!

4. Gemini people are schizoprenics! They have multiple personalities.... It's fun! It's like having many friends in one person. So cool!

5. Capricorns and Taurus are workaholics and more often than not perfectionists! In a capricorn world... there is only white and black... no shades of gray. But due to my Taurus ascendant I have many good Capricorn and Taurus friends.

6. There are sun signs who I really can't pin down because we seem to be existing in different planes. Pisces and virgo (although I have a very good virgo friend) -- I really can't tell at a glance water signs. But Cancer people have such a look in their eyes and that's one good way of knowing these types. A gemini friend have "Cancer eyes" and I firmly believe that her ascendant is Cancer!

7. Good boyfriend/girlfriend materials? Taurus, Capricorns.
If you want a serious relationship.... stay away from: Young Gemini Men -- they just want to flirt and have fun... it's going to be good and fun relationship. Just keep it light and who knows when he matures... it's going to be a match made in heaven.

Of course, sun signs are not that accurate. To exactly type a person, you have to know his ascendant (the position of the moon at the time of his birth), his family background, etc. Darn, I really like to study psychology! Some day... some day.... for now... astrology is the next best thing to learn.


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