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Resolutions, Forecasts, etc...

The year is 2005, and I think the happenings and events for this year should be anticipated. There will be a marked collective resolution for change - revolutionary change in our individual lives. The Age of Acquarius is truly at hand. The calamities for this year... are like pangs of childbirth. We should live to see things get better.

Many will have resolutions for a better year, I myself included. I think much of the pain in this world is caused by too much emphasis on the id. The I, me, mine thinking... it's high time to get outside the ego shell and reach out to the others. Let us strive not only to make ourselves better but also to help others who are in need. Easier said than done I should say but I can't help but think if my life will be extinguished at this particular time... what did I do in my life? All is futile... blown by the wind.

This is the time for radical change. To be more active and to make a difference... we should be empowered and passionate about C H A N G E! We need it like oxygen!


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A good ending...

At last, there is already a resolution to the settingherfree saga. It took the writer a long time to end it... honestly, I think it's a work of fiction, crafted before valentine's day, to give couple-less individuals a boo-hoo-hoo....

It's just too good to be true... my theory is that it's a creative writing student's thesis or something...

The writer is good... and he has a good imagination. I posted a comment... hope he won't delete it....

Update: He did delete it! So, it's really too good to be true. (Ba't ko sya inaaway? HAHAHA!) I should really get a life... AMEN!

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The Iphone experience

Truth be told, I was happy with my glamorous MMS only phone. I can text, I can call and it's handy. But when I begin my relationship with my Iphone, I am a convert to super moder handheld devices.

I literally don't open my laptop anymore when I am at home. I only need my Iphone to check my emails, facebook, update my twitter, watch videos, podcasts, etc. I don't want to work with documents at home so this is something I find so useful.

I am really at awe with its features (you have to understand that I took a very giant leap in technology). The mere fact that I can check emails and update my calendar are useful features - in a major-major way.

Imagine having the convenience of reading the news, downloading time filler games and of course, there's this useful app - FOOD SPOTTING! It can help you find the nearest bakery, bulalohan, etc.

On the other hand, knowing that this device can be tracked can be spooky! Imagine that it has all of your informatio…