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Jessica Z - My soul sister?

I have always been a fan of Jessica Zafra. From the fist time I've read her book and heard her commentary on TV when she was a talk show host, I think I've found my soulmate. I know I would be killed or worst consumed alive by her if she finds out that an insignificant cute person like myself would even conceived of the idea that I am an equal to the World Conqueror such as Ms Z! Some of my college friends once remarked that I look like her... but in this aspect (I hope this will not reach Ms Zafra's ears... ) I think I am cuter hehehehe .... o sya... I think I am taller. hehehe...

I have acquired her book.. Chicken Pox for the sould (thanks to the PB gift certicate that I've won in our project's Christmas party last year), and lo and behold... She is a Sagittarian! Hmmm... maybe her ascendant is libra or gemini... anyway, my narcisistic self cannot help but make some comparisons....

This is taken from Jessica's Slum Pages..
Favorite TV Show - Star Trek (yehey! she is also a Trekkie!)
Sport/s: maiming, looting and pillaging (hmmm... i think even twins can have differences.. hehehe:) )
Fav Color: not pink (Eureka! a fellow pink loather!)
Fav Hang out: I hate the beach (me too! but i think we have different reasons.. Jessica hates the sun while I am terribly afraid of the big blue dagat!)
Best Friends: My multiple personalities (ahem... I also have a sybil-like complexity going on... just look at my different handwritings!)
Happiest Moment: Though I don't look it, I am always happy. (Buddha! I think that describes me too!)

Enough of my babblings... I think a mortal person as myself cannot even be compared to a goddess such as Jessica. Seriously.. she is an amazing writer! As a proof.. I will give you some of her words of wisdom from Chicken pox for the soul.. (enjoy and learn!)

"As you go through life, you learn many lessons. Unfortunately these lessons only apply to the specific instances in which you learned them. Therefore you can expect to make horrible mistakes no matter how long you live."

"Greasy food may no be good for your body, but it does wonders for the sould. A healthy diet may prolong your life, but what would you have to live for? What is the point of living to a hundred if you have to subsist on bland food? One may as well die of boredom." Amen to that!

"When friends declare that they need to get a life, I advise them to get more sleep."

"Beware of those who have never been bored, depressed or angry. There is something seriously wrong with them."

"Astrology is the best kind of general absolution. It's not your fault, it's in the stars." hahahaha :)

"Reincarnation is a reassurance that your life wasn't always this dull. You can tell yourself that an uneventful existence is the karma bill for your exciting past."

"Never, ever point out that a woman is eating too much!"

"If a guy is witty, charming and artistic, he is probably gay." Hmmm.... I think I will have a gay husband in this lifetime! hehehe :) She just described my ideal guy!

"Life is a series of random collisions." I would like to disagree on this. There is nothing random in this universe! hehehe

"In relationships, it is best to assume nothing!" ouch!

"Love is irrational, which is why we have the knack for picking the one person who will make us miserable. The question is: Do we pick that person because we want to be miserable?"

"The more orderly you are, the more likely you are to be driven bonkers by love."

"You can not make someone love you. You can not be thin enough or white enough or famous enough. The choice is entirely the other person's. Then again, you might try hypnosis." or gayuma.. hehehe


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