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The Top 10 Ways to Have More of What You Want in Life

To have more, we must be more of who we are. Easier said than done? The secret is in the doing; none of it matters until we do something about it. Start somewhere! anywhere! ask if the action is self-serving or serving the self, then go!

1. Become aware.
Wake up! Look! Discover what it is you want/lack (no shoulds or oughts). Your journey begins once you open your heart's eyes and see.

2. Live your passion.

3. Take action.
Show up. Choose. Do something. Until you act, your dreams and wants are only a conversation. Once you act, 'everything' changes.

4. Make a plan.
Begin with where you want to be, then work backward to where you are to find your starting place. By asking yourself, What can I do tomorrow? you will take the first step forward.

5. Have a friend who will act as your COACH!

This person will support, challenge, and encourage you unconditionally. Your coach will help you be accountable to yourself without judgment, and will be the person whose only interest is in helping you discover what is best for you.

6. Become more attractive.
Get your personal needs met once and for all, build reserves, simplify everything, and take the 25 other steps of attraction. It is easier to attract what you desire than it is to struggle for it.

7. Learn to say no.
Set boundaries. Tell the truth ~ always! This will immediately create more time, energy, and peace of mind in which to do what you truly desire to do.

8. Help others get what they want.
Practice ultimate service in professional and personal relationships. This shift to the question of How can I best serve this person right now? is magical. Just think about the last time you were truly served and how it made you feel.....

9. Release needing any specific outcomes.
Believe that as long as you act from personal and profound integrity, the results will always serve your best and highest good. Accept each person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposedto be. This will free you to live in the 'flow' and to experience the serendipity that usually marks our most joyful times and events.

10. Have fun!
Do for the pleasure of doing and for no other purpose. Fun is the lightness of spirit that enriches everything and everyone you touch, especially you!


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