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Out and Proud

There is this new show in local television called “Out”. It’s the first gay-oriented show on Philippine TV. It is hosted by three wonderful people, two gay guys – JM (a newbie who just recently went out of the closet), Jigz (a cool gay guy who has been out and proud for a long time) and Avi (the bisexual woman who exudes sexuality and warmth, who by the way is the antithesis of what we perceive of in a wowyn). Last week I watched the pilot episode and I was greatly fascinated by the show. For one, it was a very brave move on the part of the network’s management to air this type of show in a predominantly Catholic and conservative country; second – it’s about time that the gay community are heard and featured – their successes, dreams and frustrations.

In that first episode, it showed how the three hosts went out and announced to the whole country who they truly are. JM was the lola crayola of the lot, who went out and talked to his sister about his closeted feelings and true nature. Avi, was hilarious when she announced in one event, infront of the whole party crowd that she was bisexual and that she loves everyone – there you have it, a person who knows no gender and loves a person for what he/she is. That was cool! Jigz, came out to his friend in college, the one who he confided his love problems to, and get this…. Love problems with girls!

Well, this is a start. The gay/lesbian community is really coming out! Gone are the days of the don’t ask, don’t tell policy. The byline of the show struck a sensitive chord – “This is the time when being Out is In”…. hmmm… this will surely raise many conservative, prissy eyebrows. But look at gay TV, there is Will & Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and now Out! Finally, a show where gays are not the center of jokes and much cajoling. A show where they introduced what this phenomenon is/was and will be like.

I tell you that the Gay People are here to stay! Out is a show that will educate and radically change the Filipino psyche. I do hope that it will live up to the expectations of everyone – straight, guy, bi.. what have you… After all, we’re all loving human beings who just want have someone to call our own! Be out and Be Proud!


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