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Imelda and Jessica....

I've always wondered how women do it. How do they acquire such power and influence over the lives of so many people and of course in the process exert it effortlessly and through it all remain unchallenged?

Maybe women get away with it through -- ACTING 101! They act dumb, they act powerless, they act vulnerable and in the end, they all have everyone within the 1 km radius between their velvety gloved fingers. Plus, they get their man... yummy!

Imelda Marcos, as her son bong-bong described her was THE MASTER! The GURU!  Watching Imelda you might have an impression that she might be losing it, that she's going to the loony bin. But who gets the last laugh? Definitely not us poor mortals. She knows how to be the perfect diplomat, she uses women wiles and the gifts of feminity. My God, one cannot imagine the billions of dollars that Imelda got from leaders of World superpowers for her "country's rehabiliation and progress". At her prime, people will give her ANYTHING!  Will you believe her when she tells you that the thoughts that were running in her head the moment a man was trying to kill her with a bolo was how "ugly" the instrument of her demise was? Oh noh.. I have this nagging feeling that it was all staged! Gosh, the Marcos couple had so much talent and potential. Pity that we had to live in the dimension when they went haywire.

Jessica Simpson of the Newlyweds is a perfect specimen of girl power in the new millenium. Will you believe (or her publicists wanted us to believe) that she has an IQ of 160. Gosh, imagine the girl saying,"Yes, I know it's chicken, but it's tuna...." Holler! And with her Jessica moments being aired at MTV, she and her husband are rolling on a lot of dough. Gosh, reminds me of Sharon Osbourne.... gosh, those enterprising women!

So, it is safe to say, that being a strong woman doesn't just entail a leather suit, and a bitchy attitude towards life.. (the latest catwoman chick flick got it all wrong..even if you add a tail at the terribly designed catwoman costume...halle berry was a waste in that movie.. oh well..)... being a strong woman is using the gifts given unto her (uniquely and undauntly hers) to make a difference. It might not look powerful strategies at first -- testosterone-wise. But in the long run, Zeus was manipulated by Hera, Samson was defeated by Delilah, Clinton was disgraced by Monica, and the list goes on.

Girl Power??? Definitely!


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