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My friend and I through the years….

We turn full circle. This is where I first began my journey almost ten years ago. What a propagandist’s tirade of hope, perennial hoping for eventually making it to the realm of commonality?

Thus, I begin again to digress about what I have set out to write about. I am dying to type these words out in the hope that by sharing our story I can analyze why, how and when this all happened. How we found ourselves in this situation. What is the purpose of all of this nonsensical writing, heck I don’t know. Maybe I just want to find people out there with the same story and make them realize that they are not alone in this one.

I begin several years back. When I looked at him I sensed a kindred spirit. This is how I measure if a friendship is going to leave an indelible mark, if at first meeting I feel something oddly familiar about a person then I think that we were meant to share something wonderful. May it be a journey towards realizations, growing up, college, first job and the like.

I can still remember when we were younger. He was a clean-cut fellow (he had no choice; ROTC being a required course then). He always wore green shirts and white rubber shoes. Yikes… memories began to flood in my conscious mind of how we were before. Anyway, so there we were -the younger versions of ourselves being introduced for the first time and I sense some sense of early familiarity.

Then, I could not remember how, but everything immediately fell into place. How a friend of ours remarked that we were really best friends. So, it stuck in my mind. I began to think of him as my best friend. I don’t have any kind of hesitancy when I am around him. I can be who I want to be and he’ll just be there listening, laughing at the appropriate moments, and surprisingly being patient with all my angst about life, love and the whole world in general. Then, he would have that good natured smile that makes me feel good inside.

We were partners in everything we did. In all our MPs and in our thesis we were together. He would go to our house and there had some bonding moments. It just came into me that if you meet a kindred spirit, talking to that person is easy, relaxed and unhurried.

He taught me how to debug a program and from there a whole new door was opened to me. Programming became easier and I had him to thank. We would joked around, pranced around UP with no worries (only the worry of passing our subjects for that semester).

He was my confidante. I would tell him about my desperate cause, my unwarranted love for a common friend. How that friend treated all my attentions and lofty aspirations for love with indifference. He was just there for me through my first heartbreak.

Then, graduation day came. It was a new experience. At last, we were free from the University and eager to start a new life. Each started to their new jobs and soon we were quite busy with our separate lives. We have new responsibilities, new friends to make, and new bridges to cross. We almost drifted apart. Then, fate stepped in (I knew then that we were really meant to be together as the best of friends).

I had a fight with one of my friends. It was bad for me because it was the first time that a friend of mine got mad at what I did. That friend was one of my best buddies at work. We watch movies together, eat dinner and just talk. At that turning point, I called on to my best friend. There started our once a week movie night dates. I never knew that something good can come out of a very heartbreaking part of my life. But I know that there’s something more powerful at work in our lives. It was all really meant to be.

Our friendship was really a blessing. A week won’t be complete without meeting my best friend for a movie, for a cup of coffee and lots of soul talk. I opened up to him so easily and so does he. It was really something that was put for a purpose. He was there when I changed jobs, fell in love again, and went through my search for myself. As we go through the years together, I begin to see him as a foundation in my life.

I really got to know him as he also got to know me. We don’t keep things from each other. We know all the damnable secrets that each person has. But our differences as well as our commonalities cemented our friendship forever. I know that jobs will come and go; lovers will be in and out of our hearts and minds. But we’ll always be together. We may never be husband and wife but I think the bond we share is greater than that. He is my soul mate, my partner in this journey of life. He is my friend, mentor, brother, counselor, fashion consultant, and everything in between and I love him for what he is and for what he is becoming.

So, my friend whatever happens, I am always here for you whatever the length of your hair, the fashion of the moment is. Our friendship is stronger than what will come in our lives. I love you and I pray that you’ll find real happiness with the person who would love the wonderful, beautiful man that is you.


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