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The Lesbian Lifestyle

It's been about eight (8) years since I came out as a lesbian. So much has changed since then. I never in my wildest dream thought that I will be with someone who loves me as much as my partner does and I never realized that I am capable of so much love.

I gained more than 50 pounds. You'll never realize it but the weight creeps in. It seems to be proportional to the amount of happiness you're gaining. Thus, if weight is the price I need to pay for being happy so be it! I would rather be plump and gay than thin and grumpy. :)

All of my friends are straight women and gay guys. I have a few lesbian friends (about 3 I think) and that's it. Not having enough lesbian friends is not a major problem for me since I don't think I fit into the lesbian lifestyle.

1.) I am not a radical feminist.
2.) I don't really think that all men are evil (ok some are but we also have evil women :)).
3.) I like green jokes and other politically incorrect jokes as well (which will offend most lesbians).
4.) I am happy and content (most lesbians I know look angry all the time).
5.) I like womanly activities like gossiping, pedicures and coloring my hair.

I think I like being with gay guys more than lesbian women since gay guys seem to be more happy and give me positive vibes (fellow lesbians, please don't judge me).  Straight girls on the other hand give me such comfort and they too make me full of vaginal energies.

With this, I think I just need to explore more. Maybe, there are more lesbians out there like me (who knows). But I think I should make an effort at least.

That will be my goal for the next years. Get more lesbian friends in my circle of life! :)

Amen? Amen!


Ochie said…
aymishu netskie! <3 <3
Anonymous said…
Mishu you too Ochie gurl! Take care!
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