Friday, October 07, 2011

Don't Settle

The death of Steve Jobs made me realized that there are lessons that he preached that I have done in my life. I never settled for anything less than what I loved. My most recent decision to leave a managerial job was because I was turning into a person that was not true to my beliefs and my spiritual style.

I didn't love my work then. Each day, waking up was a chore. I was a working zombie... a machine. I didn't like the feeling of telling people policies that I didn't personally believe in and didn't understand. I felt like a pawn and it was killing me inside. Thus, I made a change to work for something that excites me.

In my own way, I became true to my spirit and to the universe and it rewarded me with true happiness. If you really feel miserable, do something about it. Life is short and live it the way your spirit intended it before you were born.

Amen? Amen!


sir_mao said...

Hi Ate Nette! Glad to 'read' something from you again! Sadly, I'm starting to feel the same thing. Waking up has become a chore for me so I have actually been contemplating on taking a break from teaching after this school year. Probably go back to being a full time student, with the hope that it'll bring the fire back in me. Anyway, 'hope you're doing great! Stay happy! (it's all that matters, anyway!)

elsa1970 said...

hi,i'm pretty new to bloggin, and was just flicking through them, yours was one of two that made be stop and read. I do agree with your sentiment, i studied a Masters funded through my employer, i went into a demanding post on graduation...but when i woke in the morning, my heart sunk, i had to be brave enough to walk away...brave enough to want something so much for myself i had to #### everyone............but i did! and i am so happy with my current job x i love the thought of it...ok pays crap, i survive...thats all that matters

Toni said...

Hey Mao! :) That is good news! Yep.. go with your heart.. and I hope you find the job that will make you happy and complete. HUGS!

Elsa - Welcome to blogging! :) Yes, sometimes you will realize that you must live your life with purpose (cliche but true). You have the right to be happy and I pray that you continue to pursue your passion ;)

babynix said...

well said! totally agree! :)