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In My Life...

Vaneney gave me a booklet entitiled, What should I do if I only have 30 days to live? My mind went totally blank because I can never think of anything that I wanted to cram about. "Travel?", Mommie Car told me. Yes, of course, travel but I have this notion that when I die I can travel to the places that I want to.

You try the exercise, it's not an easy task I tell you. But right now, when I think about it, I have no regrets about my life and if I go right now, I know that I have lived a good life and I tried to be the best person that I can be. I have no unfinished business and I think this is the life I planned when I just started. Of course, I always think... "The best is yet to come :)".

As I think about the last 3 years, I can't help but be grateful for all of the experiences and people that I met. It's true that I had my bouts of depression, self pity and anger against my family and life in general. But I know that it was something I had to go through so I would know how precious the moments that I have right now.

I have never been so happy in my life. Of course a big part of it is because I met the perfect person for me and also because I became more open to what I feel and what I think. Before, I would keep things inside and just kept silent even if there were unfair things that come my way. I was raised as a good Catholic girl and I know that I must keep it all inside. Then, I started to think that Life is too short to play nice.

I learned to expect big things from the universe. I thought that happiness is a state of mind and this may sound egotistical but happiness is my right as a human being who only wanted love, peace and beauty in life. I pushed back when needed and I tried to teach others to be strong and to also expect good things to happen.

Think of good thoughts, extend happiness and love to the people around you and pursue the good things in life like food, music and literature. Love, love and love without expecting in return but don't be bitter when it's not returned. Be kind to others since they might be having a difficult journey. Smile to everyone that you meet, who knows you might be warming the soul of another.

Be kind to your body but have some vices once in a awhile. Chalice always say, "wala niyan sa langit.. " Have fun and always, always be proactive. In a dull situation , always think of fun things to do. We all want to be different but a few have the courage to do what they want to do without fear of society's ridicule, Bb. Gandanghari is a good example.

You can be good, but adventure is the wine of existence. I chose a different kind of adventure and I think I chose the right path.

Carpe Diem everyone and live life with courage. Don't be afraid of rejection, the biggest regret of all are thoughts of what if. Dive into life and love everything about it. This is the best adventure there is - To live a normal life with panache and grace.

See you all around! AMEN!


Dahon said…
Anto, I hear you, but oh my god, this sounds like a last will and testament hahaha!!

Loka loka! Breeze on @ Brazil! ;) Even your blog URL tells you to go!
Toni said…
omg, oo nga noh! anu ber.. nde noh.. nadala lang sa title ng booklet na nabigay sa kin at kay jacko...

oo nga! :)

rock on sis!
jazi said…
very well said .. ;)

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