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Some Random Thingeys...

I loved the movie Star Trek! When the first shot of the starship Enterprise was shown, I was in awe. I was a huge fan of the Star Trek 2nd Generation Series and I had a great desire to don the Star Fleet uniform. I wanted mine to be Red like Commander Ricker :)

I watched the original Star Trek on a couple of months back and I can't help but wonder how different Captain Kirk and Captain Picard were. Captain Picard has a serene presence and he exudes such competence that you know he could tackle even the bad boys of Deep Space - those Romulans.

I watched a couple of Star Trek movies also and I think there was a movie where Spock and Data interacted, it was such a sight to behold. I think I am going to be a Star Fleet officer in my next life!
I fell asleep during the first part of Angels and Demons. I don't know if it was because it was late or because the movie really sucked. The good thing about the movie was I got to do a tour of the Vatican.

Ewan was a poor choice for the role of the Camerlengo. He is a good actor but when he goes on screen, I am waiting for him to get his light saber or burst into song, "Come What May...".

Tom Hanks did a better job on this movie but again, I really think he was not fit to play Langdon. Oh well, it was not bad, but it was not that great either.
Latest food find: Red Mango (located at Megamall) - Mommie and I got addicted to the yogurt of Red Mango. I am not a great fan of yogurt but Red Mango really did a good job of altering the flavor to satisfy the Filipino taste buds. Yum! And it did great wonders to my digestion. My favorite toppings are Corn Flakes and Kiwi! :)
Dahon made me read this article on the New Yorker about How david beats Goliath. It's an article on how the Davids can beath the Goliaths if they were caught by surprise. Davids can win if after the surprise will come the follow through. Since like an AI machine, an initial action that is not contained on its training set will create havoc on its system. But like Goliaths in our society, they will then adjust and create the rules. So act fast and act swift, to conquer your Goliaths.

Defying convention is one of my principles in life. I easily get bored projecting only one persona. It's one of my core values in life (naks).I always love to play Devil's Advocate.
It's a good week and we're going to run the 5k Earth Run next Sunday. Good luck to me hahaha :) Eat, pray and love - heard this from dahon and this is so me.... not necessarily on the specified order.



Dahon said…
Goodluck on the run! Hoy buy the gilbert's book na!!! (Don't touch the murakami book).
Toni said…
yepyep! waahh. EQ Itoh.... i'll wait for the Murakami.. puff.
Cads said…
have you ever given thought that maybe defying convention is a convention?

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