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The apolitical Moi

I have always considered myself apathetic to all kinds of ideologies. For me, what matters in life are kindness, the common good, and courtesy. I believe that each one has his or her own belief - be it in the way they conduct their lives, replenish their spirit or the way they part their hair. Thus, when I hear that there exists various movements such as feminism, radical feminism, and womanism, I begin to think that I am an ignoramus with a construed sense of what is the role of women in society.

I was educated one night by Mommie Car and Arms when I realized that I was really apathetic then because I always had strong women role-models in the family and I knew where the real power in the household was. I was part of a matriarchal family with very kind and sensitive men who just let the women have their way. Thus, I was not aware that women are being maltreated in more ways than one.

I am lucky since I was part of a family with strong-willed women – my mom, my lola and my Ate who took care of me since I was four. Thus, I was not really aware that there’s a difference between men and women. For the longest time, I always thought that those with short hair are men and because of their genetic make-up they cannot let their hair grow long. I imitated how my boy playmates pee (yes, I peed standing up when I was young). And I thought that men and women are equal in the way the world works.

While growing up I knew, I turn a blind eye when I see unfair treatment on women.

But sometimes I wonder… with men… with the privileges that they are supposedly given… aren’t they also prejudiced? Aren’t they pressured to conform to the idea that men should be strong, and the central figure in the family? Sometimes I wonder, aren’t we all misjudged in some way or another because of our biological gender? For lesbians like me.. sometimes I think.. am I not butch enough? Am I supposed to be more mannish? Thus, the questions continue to swim inside my brain..



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