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As my best friend and I were talking, he was asking me, "how does it feel to be thirty". The gay is just a few months younger than I am and he feels that I am ancient! I told him that I feel great because I aged backwards :) I feel that I am just 18 right now. You should have seen me at 18 man, I looked like someone with all the weight of the world at her shoulders. I took life very seriously then. I had my hair in a bun, and I had thick black glasses and I just wanted to go home and watch Xena. wehehehe :)

Things changed as I grew older. Now, I am more relaxed, at peace with who I am and with nothing to prove to anyone. I laugh, I love and I don't care about the repercussions. At work, I still love what I do, but there's no fire anymore in me to go beyond what is expected. I knew how it was to perform above and beyond, and at the end I just cried myself to sleep. So, lessons learned, I just need to put my energies to things that will make me truly happy.

There's a recession but I am happy. I am deviant I know, but I guess, I see that things will get better. As Bella said, "we are all dying .. each day leads us closer to the Piper..." I don't want to go and gripe that I didn't enjoy my life to the fullest..

So now, I laugh, I love, I eat, and I take all I can in this experience. Who knows, I might not live long enough to see 40 :)


P.S. Astig pala ang lyriko ng kantang ito - Sundo by Imago


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