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Love, Friendship and... Fashion!

The familiar tune, and then the narration and then, that giant crochage! Carrie and the girls are back! :)

Carrie is not beautiful but man, she sure can carry herself well and don fashionable clothes. She can pull off any outfit, that I am sure. Charlotte is still the sweet girl that I liked. Samantha is like wine, she gets better with age :) Miranda, now that's my girl. If I were to pick one character in the series that closely resemble my personality, it's Miranda. I am paranoia incarnate.

My favourite scenes: The giant closet, New Year's eve and of course, the Brooklyn bridge scene in which I felt that there were tears in my eyes.

I liked this series because it reminded me of my girlfriends and my gayfriends. One of my fun moments in life is just having coffee and catching up with them... even if we go home at 5 am in the morning just chattering the minutes away :)


Book Review: AT FIRST SIGHT (Nicholas Sparks)

Yeah, I know, I don't read mushy, romantic books. But I needed a book I could read that wouldn't make me think. I needed a quick literary fix in my system. This was a telenovela in paperback, I swear! I cringe at the mushy moments but the estrogen in me was screaming for release. And so, again, I cried at the end, hahaha.. :)

How would you know that you met the right person? Answer: You just know... geez, cheesy... but awwww.. it got to me somehow. This book is a guilty pleasure. It reminded me of ideas put forth by John Gray in "Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus." I recommend this book to couples who want to understand their partner more. The gender divide is such a complex art, and yet so simple.

Characters dying at unexpected times make me cry... Danielle Steele used this formula eons ago and it never fails to get to me. Falling in love is great, when it's with the right person...



pochie said…
wahahha... remember when you asked me? yun din sagot ko..."you just know" nyahahaha...

miss you netskie! =D
Toni said…
Ochie girl! :) trueness. honga.. kayo nga yun ni mother tsali..

miss u 2! lapit na ako uwe ;)

ang hairdo ha! :) assignemnt mo yan :)

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