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Life's lessons in a year...

Before the year 2007 started, I was watching the movie "Rent". I liked the movie but never in my wildest dreams thought that I could also be given an opportunity to experience a year full of Seasons of Love.

Yes, this is an EMO post so I am giving straight laced people out there a warning! hahaha...

There are a lot of lessons to be learned and a lot of catching up to do. First off, I learned the not so subtle differences between "I Like You.", "Love you" and "I Love You". I am turning 30 next year and I am still at age 13 in terms of this. Sometimes I think, I am too old for this. But better be 30, rather than 40 right? :)

Trust, now that's something new. My friends know, that I have strong ESP. Sometimes the perky one asks the question in her head and after thinking it, I will answer it. I thought it was spoken out loud but it was all in her head.

I can sometimes read minds especially that of my friends and family. This runs in my family I guess. My mom is scary. There were times when she'll have dinner ready when I get home and laid out is the ulam I was craving for. I didn't tell her, it's just there. The table arrangement the exact thing I had in my mind while I was on the bus.
So, what will you do if you know you have ESP and you have a hunch that's something is amiss? Of course, jealousy to the max. An emotion I have never encounterd before. My friends tell me that I should trust the perky one but oh my gosh, I just wish I don't have such faith in my ESP or wish that I don't have one.
Baby steps, baby steps, one day at a time.... life wouldn't be much fun if we don't have our quirks... hahaha :)

So, how will you measure a year in a life? How about love :)




babynix said…
525,600 minutes :) it's indeed a rollercoaster ride! just enjoy it, dre! even if it turns your world upside down, everything's an experience and you'll know better next time :)
Toni said…
i know! thanks dre for the advise ;)

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