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Filipino Movies at this time of the year...

A tradition that we keep in the family is to watch a Manila Filmfest movie every year. It's a guilty pleasure on my part, I will grudgingly tell my mom that I don't like to watch but deep inside I am looking forward to the sibling okrayan at the movies. Yep, I like to talk to my brother after the movie and laugh over what we have watched... the melodramatic moments, and the primitive special effects.

This year, I watched two movies - one (Sakal) I definitely loved and the other (Bahay Kubs) made me dizzy at the end and gave me a splitting headache.

Sakal - sakal

The Judy-Anne/Ryan Agoncillo (thanks Ochie!) duo really made a killing at the box-office this year. This was a sequel to the funnier Kasal - Kasal. Yep, the first one is better, but this movie can stand on its own. It's a movie worth your while.

In this movie, we get to envy Judy Anne's slim figure. I must admit, she is looking more beautiful every time I see her onscreen. This movie portray what each Filipino couple goes through in their attempt to the "happily ever after" stage of their fairy tale. The kids, the bickering in-laws, the jealousy and of course, the ever prevalent work-life balance.

If you should watch one movie this year, watch this movie. :) Gina Parreno is the aged Ruffa Mae Quinto :) She is so funny!

Bahay Kubo - the Pinoy Mano Po

What can I say about this movie? Marianne Rivera is beautiful! I can't stop staring at her... Gloria Romero is majestic and Maricel Soriano is aging gracefully.

This movie suffered from from too many characters. It's a movie with a very kind mother figure who can't turn down babies that were given by her neighbors and kababayans (ginawang candy ang mga bata, bow). The director wanted to give each one equal screen time thus we have a Pinoy Chopsuey Movie. Each kid had a separate story line, and we have 7 kids I think, so imagine the chaos! Eric Quizon was the father figure. He is a good actor but I think, no matter how good he is, Eric as a father or husband in a move will not work.. hahaha :)

It's not "Love Actually", the movie was not cohesive and in the end, I feel that the director thought, "Ooopps, no more film we have to end this." Thus the carolling and the dance number at the end. Ano dawz?????

Please don't watch this! hahaha :)


It's the New Year. Time for another transformation...

Happy new Year everyone!!! :) Change is Oxygen :)



pochie said…
lolah.. judy anne-marvin?

at dance number sa bahay kubo? nyahhaha.... ano ba yun :p
Toni said…
hahhhaha.. anak ng! memory gaps na me.. hahaah.. :)

oo.. may dance number.. bwahahaha

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