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Last hoorah at the 20s checkbox

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So, it came to this. I am grasping on the last year of being a twenty something gal. Age is just a number. Youth is not a time of life, it's a state of mind as they always say. But sometimes, you look back and wonder, is this it?

I am happy because the past year has been a year full of soul growths. I was assigned in a different country, encountered full force the dark side that I have been battling all my life, enjoyed precious moments with friends and realized that we make our own reality.

I have changed a lot, not just in the way I look but also in how I relate to people and how I live life. Its ok not to give in, it's ok to be selfish once in awhile and it's ok to be who you are comfortable with.

What is my wish for the next year? Just love... just more love... from the universe.

AMEN! :)


Porsh said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NET!! I wish you genuine happiness and contentment and lotsa lotsa love. I miss you very much =) I couldn't text you a happy birthday today because I ran out of credits, dukha mode no? Anyway, enjoy your birthday =)
Anto said…
bruha!! :) thanks dear!

Nde ka dukha.. donya ka kaya! nakalimutan mo lang mag-load.. HAHAHA!

Thanks dearie! :) hoy.... pag umuwi ka ng pinas.. don't forget us.. HAHAHA! :) ingatz kayo lagi dyan!

mwah! mwah! mwah!
marge said…
netskie, happy birthday sau... sana matupad un wish mo... love... more love from the universe... =)
Anto said…
thanks margie marge :)
bruha, enough with the drama already na. it's like, you know, so over na. you make laki like that all the time, like, duh! :p

seriously, i'm happy for you.welcome to my checkbox. ;)
happy birthday ulit!
Anto said…
hahaha... naku, this is such a surprise :) peace!

i know! birthdays trigger hormones that I keep forgetting i have! :)

Thank you girls for the greetings!!! :)

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