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Avenue Q - A Purpose Driven Show

When I found out that this musical involves puppets acting with humans, I didn't imagine that the puppeteers were also on stage acting. So, being a person that cannot multi-task, when I saw the puppet Princeton (a new resident of Avenue Q), I got confused, who to watch, the puppet or the actor puppeteer? Then, Rachel Alejandro came on stage. Perfect! She did good underacting, yes, she was acting but... she didn't steal the show from her puppet, Katie Monster. I heard that Rachel auditioned for this play by sending a youtube video to the director.... well, the internet is not just really for porn!

Avenue Q is a parody of Sesame Street but don't be fooled. It delved into topics that we all can relate to... friendship, careers, love life, being gay and of course, in a subtle way, the meaning of life. It centered around the lives of the residents of Avenue Q. The actors played two characters and sometimes, they voice the puppets at the same time. Imagine acting , singing and working the puppets.... whew!

Aiza Seguerra played Gary Coleman, and it was a good fit. Gary Coleman was a "has been child actor" who was the apartment's superintendent. Frenchie Dy was hilarious! She played Christmas Eve (the therapist of the group) and of course, her great singing acumen is already a given, but I must say, she has good comedic timing! We might expect good things from her diaphragm and her acting in the future.

My favorite characters were Rhod and his roommate Nikki who will remind us of Bert and Ernie) and of course Trekkie Monster. I have heard the songs from this play N times but they didn't fail to make me laugh especially the scene between Rhod and Nikki - "If you were gay, it would be ok...", "Internet is for porn.." "You can be loud as the hell you want" - Yes, there is puppet nudity and sex scene so this is not really for kids, and of course, Rachel's youtube Song, "There's a fine fine line...". Heck, I love them all.

This play will really make you laugh and think, not a difficult feat! The puppets were cute (well, the actor who was working on Princeton should tone down his acting... I can't concentrate on the puppet I was looking at him the whole time, distractingly cute... bwahahaha).....

"Purpose, is that little flame that lights a fire under your ass" Well, all I could say is that this play, achieve its purpose...



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