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Old Boy and Nostalgia

I had my first burst of US nostalgia last Saturday morning when I watched the sumptuous movie, "Little Manhattan" with dahon, pogs and kat. The movie was surprisingly good and made a little "kirot" to the heart but not in the cheesy mushy way. The boy in the movie always went around Manhattan on his scooter and every street corner reminded me of the weekend last June when I strolled around New York. Central Park! I loved it! I want to come back, New York, New York!


I also loved the weekend Salcedo Market where dahon took us for breakfast. It reminded me of the market in Minneapolis where I tasted Brats sausage with Congee, Marky and the Concha.


"I am tired of Hollywood movies, please recommend a good movie!", I asked roland the movie critic last week. I wanted an out of the norm movie and as they say, be careful what you wish for and it may come true. I got... "Old Boy"! Oh my gosh, this was made in a "Memento" sort of way in which the ending will twist your brain and in my case I had to find a "happy place" before I go to sleep after I watched the movie.

This was absolutely different from what my latest fare of movies. The shots were so vivid and some of the fight scenes were "computer game-like". The mantra of the main protagonist in the movie was, "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." So true, so true....

The thing I absolutely love is how simple and innocent it started and then it became an avalanche in the end! Like Pan's Laybrinth, the end is not that clear. But for me, this is something that I want to have a happy ending. I am still confined by norm with this one. Some things, my psyche cannot take. And this is just one case that I am still dictated by what should be...

In music, books and movie, America is in a draught (no more drugs for insipration). It's time for us to go to our neighbors and within ourselves to find what we are looking for (we have nature in abundance to compensate for drugs for inspiration). I am excited and I am sure I'll get my fill. For our neighboring Asian countries gave us Taoism, Buddhism and "Meteor Garden", we should be alright :)



rbasmayor said…
Yup, you wished for it, now you have that mind buggling film... Oldboy, when I first saw that, it was like seeing a new animal specie... sobrang unique sa style and very nice sa timing and execution... Marami pang great films like that...

And you are right, American films are so weak nowadays (remaking Euro and Asian films is a sign), only cares about money and nanggagaya para pagdating ng wide release, mukhang authentic yung version nila dahil sa wakas, maraming masa na ang makakapanood...

But still, nothing beats the real thing di ba?

Oldboy, The Edukators, The Lives of Others, My Sassy Girl ... I guess you have to watch the original versions bago i exploit ng Hollywood...

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