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And so we read... (HARRY POTTER BOOK 7 SPOLIERS AHEAD, as in!)

Yesterday (July 21) was the day every Harry Potter fan has been waiting for years. The last book in the series! I felt that everyone canceled all of their gimmicks and opted to stay at home and had a book marathon. What would happen? Will Harry live or die? Will Voldemort mend his ways and go to the good side? Is Voldemort really Harry's grandfather? Bwehehehehehe...

I had to finish the book (yep, I will fail the marshmallow test, low EQ)! My laundry had to wait; I just soaked them in water and powdered detergent. I miss having a 2-in-1 washing machine and dyer... waah... The hours passed, I only had to stop reading when I had lunch with my good friend Cookie and gave her the books that she ordered. We were talking about the book the whole time and I felt that she also can't wait to start reading. Gerry Bear also was excited to read the book and he also had his own predictions (Tagalized version). Sooo.... what will come true?

For me, there was only one thing I was interested in - Snape's redemption. Of all the characters, he was my favorite. There were several fan fiction that delved on his life as a child and as a teenager and there was one story that I really liked when I was younger - The Severus and Lili love angle.

Snape loved Lili with all of his heart since he can remember and as children, Snape always looked out for her. When James and his gang came into the picture, imagine the turmoil that Snape had to go through. How he would like to get James out of the picture so he could have Lili for his own. The taunting by James' gang did not help.

But love is fickle. He had to go on knowing that Lili will only think of him as a friend. Then, the catastrophe happened. Lili was killed and the only thing left of her was her child Harry.

Snape was torn. Harry reminds him of James but also of Lili. Imagine him looking at Harry and seeing that Harry got Lili's eyes. But of course, he did everything (protect Harry, spy for Dumbledore) out of love. (LVN music on the background).

What did I like about the book?

- Characters did not come in white or gray. They were in shades of gray, just like in real life. There was no character depicted as really pure and brave. They had their doubts, insecurities and their megalomaniac tendencies – Dumbledore was all about Power and Glory; wahahaha... I liked that twist. But just like humanity in general, we make it up in the end.
- The pace was good. There was no dull moment; a real page turner.
- Every question that we had from previous books was answered (as far as I can remember). The seven books were consistent and I can only gasp, "kaya pala.. oh.. ah... oo nga noh...".
- Rowlin may have been a believer in predestination. In the book, timing was everything! Everything will be revealed in time.

What I didn't like (maybe I am too old or too jaded for Harry Potter)?

- As Gerry Bear mentioned, it was predictable. No surprises in the end. But it was a decent ending nonetheless. Sabi na nga!
- I think Rowlin was thinking Movie 7 for Hollywood when she wrote this book.
- Too much melodrama... the killings... (Rowlin might have thought killing everyone will set the right mood for the ending).

Comparatively, it's a good book. I was rather disappointed because I was expecting something unpredictable but Rowlin stayed on the safe and familiar path. It was ok, but not spectacular. Well, this is just my opinion.

Will the Harry Potter books be a classic? Only time can tell...only time...


Loved this sentiment from a review in amazon:

"It seems that in a world without Voldemort... wizards.. become... MUGGLES."



pochie said…
i loved Snape's redemption the most. :D.

pero play safe! at ang cheesy ng epilogue. :p

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