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I just feel bad that there are people who just think of their own comforts. Well, it's just me I guess. It's true, people who are so immersed on themselves are not worth the advice and concern... oh well... waste of energy.

If you think only about yourself, don't wail that you don't have others to support you when the inevitable happens.

Revenge can be sweet... I will enjoy watching how this will turn out. :)



Thanks rose! I know... love, peace and beauty.... and it got me through... thank you for reminding me for what we stand for. This on-shore experience had brought out what I don't want to face... anger, and fear. I faced them and I was at my worst. But of course, I am now back to my old self.

All is well and I am so looking forward to going back to reality! :) See yah guys soon! :)


Porsh said…
when did you start being mean? hehehe. oh well net, just let them be, maybe they think the world revolves around them and they just need an audience to listen to them yak endlessly about themselves.
Neth said…
hahahahaha... i know... i can be mean when provoked... and this one was so easy to manipulate...

i get mad and i get even :)
Rosemarie said…
anto! what about peace, love, truth, beauty, the bohemian lifestyle? hehehe!

whatever it is, hope it gets you through, still a positive person! :)

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