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Chicaaaggoooo Goes!

The memorial weekend is our first holiday here in the US. So, what to do but to do some road tripping! :) Chicago again after two weeks (ginawang Baclaran and Chicago).

I am tired now but I must say I really enjoyed my trip. I loved the museums! I saw the self portrait of Van Gogh and I was totally in love with the "Garden of the poet." Here is a rundown of must see museums in Chicago:

Chicago Art Institute

Guru Cads asked me, "if you're going to explain Van Gogh to someone who doesn't know art what would you say?"

"I loved Van Gogh because of the vivid colors of his paintings. When I first saw the Starry, Starry night painting, I was hooked."

The colors just bounced at you. They're alive and vivid. And it makes me happy just to look at his paintings. Ironically, he lived a very tormented and lonely life.

At the Chicago Institute of the Arts, I bought my first art prints! My roomie gave me this painting of Van Gogh (The Bedroom) as an advance going home gift and I am so grateful!

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When I strayed to the religious art section, I had goosebumps and I tried to find my way out. Muntik na akong matunaw but this maybe because coming from a predominantly Catholic country, I equate Church with Christian art and I felt disoriented while I was trying to view secular works of art instead.

Fields Museum

At the Fields Museum, I again marvel at the Egyptian civilization and the way they preserved and venerated their dead loved ones by the mummification process. I also loved the Anciant Americana exhibit (American Indians). Why is it that when I visited these two exhibits they seems to be so familiar? Is it my active imagination again or some residual memory from my past life? Who knows but I really was amazed by the extent of their accomplishments!

Shedd Aquarium

Do you know that there's an entire section dedicated to the exhibit of the Philippine coral reefs at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago? The Americans looked so amazed by the bounty of our natural resources and I can't help but wonder if we're going to have them for long.

Adler Planetarium

After exploring land and water, it was time to go and see what's up with space exploration. As a child, I had deep fascination with Astronomy during science class. Maybe, this has something to do with my interest now in Astrology.

I really believe that the sun, moon and the heavenly bodies to a certain extent shape our thought and behavioural patterns. Seeing what we have accomplished and we we could do in the future excite me. I want to be a part of the civilization that will make contact with the alien life forms. Spock might be coming soon and I must learn to make that Vulcan peace sign effortlessly.

Chicago is a great place! It was a trip for the mind, and the spirit. It was also a weekend to bond with the people I am going to miss most here in Minneapolis.

All weekends seem to be full before I bid adieu to the land of Uncle Sam.



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