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Thoughts galore...

My roomie and I will be going home for the holidays in a few days time and I can see that she is very excited. She has prepared her luggage and she has this big grin on her face.

We will be going over to Manila via New York, the big Apple! Thank heavens Nike was able to book the flights. I can't wait to experience for myself what the fuss is all about.

My roomie

Now about Nike, which I have shared the last two months or so, and again for the next four months next year.

I know that I have always been a loner and I have fought to overcome it during the day but when evening time comes, I am back to my authistic self and thus, I live alone at my apartment in Manila so as to spare an innocent person of the confusion of living with a person with N personalities.

Here in Minnea, Nike came and tanan! I found out that if the personalities matched, rooming can be fun! She is the ideal roommate for me I guess. She lets me be, which is a big plus because sometimes I don't even recognize myself. We have this giggling fits when we just laugh and just can't stop. hahahaha... :)

It really is true that opposites work well.

- She wears pink, I wear blue.
- She shops, I like to carry the bags.
- She reminds me things I forget (items on our grocery list, my allergic reaction to wheat and time of our appointments), I remind her to drink her vitamins and to sleep early at night. Oooh, and she reminds me to put lotion on. Yep, the cold here causes bleeding and cracked skin but I tell her, I'd rather bleed than put lotion on. I know I can be stubborn!
- I do the heavy lifting, she decides for the two of us (I know, deciding takes too much of my energy; which brand of chips to have, what kind of rice to buy, what will be our itinerary for the day, etc).

If Nike was not here, I'll spend my days looking at the window and dream. When she was not here, my ref contents consist of chocolates, and cheese. When I had her here, I started to cook to keep us nourish (I think I became overnourished!). She keeps me grounded to reality and I thank her for that. :) I look forward to our next months as roomies but for now, we're going home! :)



babynix said…
awww...looking forward to the next 4 months with you...luv ya roomie! :)
Neth said…
dre! luv u 2! hala, roomie trained na ako! hahaha.. ;)

see yah next year!

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