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Random thoughts...

This weekend has been great! The weather was amazing! This was the first time that I didn't shiver when I went out of the apartment building. Days like these were made memorable by great people and good weather.... perfect combination!

- This is the life! Exercise, exercise, run hard to build an appetite. "Pagutom para maraming makain!" We prepared much for our buffet meal by playing intense badminton, running a few rounds in the indoor track and of course, looking at cute people! :)

- The Mystik lake buffet was good. I liked the turkey, the dessert and the coffee, yummy! They were going for the Vegas feel but I am not much for casinos. I get dizzy with lots of people.

- Yes, I have been going to mass regularly for the past three weeks. The universe might be teaching me to have a more structured spiritual life. I think I am making up for past absences. I liked it when it was not expected, it's much "bukal sa kaluoban" and the great choir at St. Olaf is a great boost in my church attendance.

- The highlights of our stay here are the visits to the various restaurants. We've been to Chinese, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, African, Arabic and Mexican restaurants and in each restaurant we get to see the people from the various races. Around the world in Minneapolis, not that bad.
I am acquiring a taste for curry and Arab men! Yummy! I am still unsure if the tsismis is true for Arabic men... "3 and a half palms at may masasampal ka pa...hahahaha =p" A lot of 69s experience:
- Membership at the YW -$69
- Miles to a state - 69 miles
- the number just keeps popping up, and then the culimination? The movie.. BORAT!

- Our first movie in Minneapolis is Borat! It was funny but there were jokes and scenes that my Libran sensibilities could not tolerate. How can I describe it? This was an experience. I am not sure if I like it or not. But I surely laughed and laughed and laughed.... it was hilarious. You just have to turn off a part of your brain to enjoy the movie.

- Hayyy.. may there be more days like this... ;) AMEN!


Cads said…
Kulang na lang is Minnesotan cuisine sa restaurant experience mo. Try the Hotdish (lotsa variations), Lutefisk and Fried Cheese Curds.

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