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Insane week

We have experienced our first Thanksgiving feast! Our thanks to Carlo (my Cabalen) for the sumptuous feast! Yummy... This onshore experience has really been a massive electric jolt to my system, mala-CPR that really made think of life and what it has to offer.

I can't blog all the happenings of the past four days. It was both hectic and fun... but I just have some phrases that I will never forget....

1. You can either have - controlled chaos or calculated risk. I was always a fan of controlled chaos. There is an order in my insane world.
2. Shopping and Anto, hard drink and Anto -- really not good combinations. If you want to throw me into screensaver mode, either have me shop or let me drink hard liquor with beer. I found my way to the bathroom floor again and someone knocking on the door.... this happened before!
3. Why do events and circumstances cycle back? I thought I was through with this. Not again... I am tired of running... Arghh... fate has a quaint sense of humor.

What have I learned? I must learn the lesson, or else, I will always be a repeater and events will happen the same way over and over again, with a different set of people and scenarios but with the same sets of scripts and circumstances.



babynix said…
Oh yes...controlled chaos it is! Ironic but true. Hahahaha ;)

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