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Kami nAPO muna

I bet my hard-earned pesoses that every car stereo and I-pod playlist of Generation X'ers have the new "Kami nAPO muna" songs playing over and over again. I was given a ride by two ladies of my age group and yes, the same CD in their players, no plans of removing it just yet.

We're part of those who have transitioned from "GMA Supershow" to "Sang Linggo nAPO sila" with suspicion. We have been accustomed to the Bellstar dancers and the gaudy tuxedo of Kuya Germs since we can remember and why are we going to go to the other channel to watch a 2 hour mini concert. But starting from their first day, they have revolutionized Sunday TV viewing that up to this day as of this writing, ASAP and SOP are vying to be the next "Sang Linggo nAPO sila".

We even went in Eastwood Libis to watch the live performances of the bands who gave a new twist to the Apo classics such as "Doo biDoo Bidoo" (Kamikaze), "Paano" (Shamrock), "Panalagin" (Moonstar 88), and "Nakakapagtaka" by Spongecola to name my faves. I am beginning to grow a major crush to the lead vocalist of Spongecola (Yael). Television doesn't give him justice. He's so cute in my special definition of cuteness kind of way. There's something about him that feels familiar wehehehe! And yes, I wasn't satisfied with just a copy from original of the new "Kami nAPO muna" album, I bought one!

The APO group was not the "Akafellas" of vocal calisthenics of their generation. No belters there, only Danny Javier who is considered as the best vocalist of the group. But when they harmonize... you have APO at their best.

With my limited musical knowledge I know that they are one of best music writers of OPM. We don't hear those kinds of songs anymore. They represent an era of "optimistic thinking" and of "hope". Young musicians nowadays are more jaded and realistic with their song writing. But our local bands have better equipment and an attitude that when mixed with the old lyrics and melody of the APO, will give you such listening pleasure.

Am I hearing a tribute to the VST in the future?

Manila Envelope 2

At last I was able to buy the long awaited second issue of Jessica Zafra's new project, "Manila Envelope". And I think that this issue is even better than the first! The first Manila Envelope was an introduction. It was an opening salvo to the whole world that there is a poor and yet charming place called the Philippines. It contained tidbits of trivia about the Philippines, our culture and our idiosyncrasies as a nation. Its maiden issue had features on "Hobbit house", "Weng-Weng the midget double 07", Filipino words that made it to foreign movies/books and of course "Eat Bulaga and karaoke".

Jessica Zafra makes me feel good to be a Filipino. Yes, we might be living in a country run by incompetent, rich politicians, and we inhale polluted air bordering on un-livable but hey, where else can you find a culture such as ours? She makes living in the Philippines as an adventure and that's so cool!

In Manila Envelope 2, she shares my vision, "Kris Aquino will be the next president of the Philippines." Hold your smirks; let's discuss this in the year 2012 when Kris Aquino will be unraveling the mala-Las Vegas section of Makati on her first State of the Nation address.

The second issue contains so many good articles that we weren't aware of. It contains an excerpt of Leon Ma. Guerrero's diary as a young diplomat in Japan during World War II, Darna trivia (I am beginning to think that Jessica and I might be psychically connected), the movie "Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros", and the article closest to my professional life "Night for Day" that tackled the growing number of outsourcing companies in the Philippines (I.T., contact centers, etc). Terms such as BPO, outsourcing made me smile for I can totally relate. I seriously began to have a renewed fervor for my profession when I think of it in nationalistic terms.

My favorite section of the magazine was Manila 2020. These are novellas and excerpts from novels about Manila in the year 2020. It may lack originality since many books and movies already have an Armageddon vision of the future but this is the first time that I've read something about our future as a nation.

My favorite is the vision of the Philippines as being the next superpower. How did it come about? This was heralded by the minions of OFW scattered in the US that according to Zafra have jobs that may look insignificant but on hindsight they are placed in very strategic positions that can cripple their economy when provoked.

I enjoyed the section that described our next government: a transgender President, a prime minister who mandates that Mandarin will be our country's lingua franca. About the Filipino diet, we might be living on genetically engineered noodles and peanuts in the future.

We might be jaded and weak as a nation but we are still a part of Asia. Asia will be the next superpower. We will control the world one day. We just have to be patient.

In a very confusing and warlike future, we will survive. We will survive! (song of Gloria Gabor in the background...) AMEN!


dahon said…
Do we really want to be the next superpower? America is the superpower now, and they're the targets of hate. Sila ang unang bobombahin feeling ko, parang homeland security is not that stable siguro.

Di ba, the happiest country are never the first worlds :)

La lang, ok lang ako third world tayo, sana lang linisin ang skewers, nakaka badtrip ang baha, hehehe.
Neth said…
true, but what if the Philippines becomes a Superpower? the possibilities are endless...
Tamenggay said…
I'm tempted to get a copy for my self of what you read. Being here in Melbourne, it made me realize how cool our country is or is it just there no place like home. If it weren't of bad politics(which is for me the root of all thats gone wrong with our country), people will not be driven away to thier own country just to have a better life.
Neth said…
that's true! that's a good idea, i'll try to send you guys a copy there pag may aalis from here of Manila Envelope. It's a good mag!

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