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We say "Goodbye", to realize the beauty of "Hello". There are no permanent goodbyes, for each person we meet in this journey becomes a part of who we are. Then, there's this thing call the next life (as in next lifetime). If we don't meet again in the span of this lifetime, there's always the next lifetime and the next and the next... the wheel of life is vast and we would see each other soon.
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The collage of the New Balance runners, Vanene, Philip Morris and Moi. On to the next race, the feast is over... hello to diet and running...

Watched X-Men III, the Last Stand with dahon, a little apprehensive if she'll fall asleep :) but hoorrayyyy... thanks to the magic of a blockbuster movie, awakey! It was a delight to the eyes, loving 'Beast' and 'Archangel'.

I liked it more than the Da Vinci Code.

Vanene and I watched "Failure to Launch", the latest movie of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew M (can't remember the spelling of his surname), basta the hottie fafa. It was sweet and light. We love the roommate of Sarah Jessica, reminds me of Janine Garagfalo (ok, can't remember the spelling again and I am lazy to look it up in Google) hahaha... I also liked this movie.

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I was surprised to know that Angelina Jolie can write! No protentions but honest to goodness, straight from the heart journal entries. Not sure if she was really the one who wrote it... but darn it... what can't this women do!


dahon said…
what she can't do? be ordinary, i guess :D
she can't capture my heart like fafa brad can. :p
Neth said…
true kayo dyan mga dears!

uy, pogie! sali ka sa dance troupe? galingan niyo!

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