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"Why we run and the art of belly bouncing"

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Lately, I acquired a very good book on running at Booksale for only about 75 pesoses. The title is "Why we run". It's a very good book on running. The author was an ultramarathoner (gosh, I never knew that there was such an event.. a 100 KM run... the number itself is quite daunting).

It has a nice cover and nice explanation on how animals including humans evolved to be good runners. I didn't concentrate much on the animal biology lecture. I was more interested on the man himself... (Bern Hienrich) on how he conquered his physiological limitations to become a good runner.

This may seem crazy but a dream was instilled in me. Well, for a hefty individual such as me, running a marathon (42 km) is near to impossible in my mind. But what if?

It's a goal worth taking I guess. "Bahala na si Batman!" I'll try to train and let's see if I have the sheer guts to do it. I don't want to beat any record. That's what I like about running; it's a competitive sport but withouth the jostling with other people. It's basically a battle of one's mind over one's body - a battle and competition with oneself.

I am enjoying our belly daning class every Thursday. Although I have no idea how funny I may look doing those steps (alas, the room has no mirror in which we can view our seductive moves, naks!), it is fun! All those undulations and hip sways and vibrations bring out the "inner bakla" in us.

Gosh, it's easy to move the hips without moving the shoulders but moving the chest or most of the upper torso without movement at the lower torso! That's insane! But I am having loads of fun, what with my laughing at myself all the time.

There's the shimmy move... a shimmy in belly dancing is any rapid movement. Hip shimmy is doable in my mind but a shoulder shimmy? Dyos ko lord, I don't want to dislocate something. But the beat of belly dancing consists of primitive rhythm of percussions, drums and shouting (ala Xena the warrior princess), I am having past life flashes hehehe. It's so cool!

Only in belly dancing will you have a step in which your teacher will ask you to "caress your thighs as you go up." Yes, truly Bongacious!


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