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Weird and pleasurable weekend...
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I am now at home, tired but happy after my 10 K run. I had fun although my body is numb already from the pain. The run's route was from Addidas Camp (inside the fort) and went through the whole Fort bonifacio until the libingan ng mga bayani then back.

My gosh, now I am watching on TV the militar standoff at the Fort chapel. We've just been there awhile ago and there's this military drama. Being a curious citizen, I wished I was there to see the tanks and soldiers. I don't have strong political convictions, apathy is my middle name in politics. But I get curious and I am a life voyeur so I would like to see what the fuss is all about.

I was not in Edsa I (I was too young then and I lived in Laharlandia thus the distance). But I was in Edsa II and Edsa III, yup, even Edsa III. Not for support but for anything, just to observe. I think that's my lot in life, to live vicariously. That aint bad.


What does the opposition lack? Clear leadership and sound strategy. This is mayhem, without clearly defined ideals. How can they ask the people to revolt if they don't know what they're fighting for. What is behind the anger? If we will remove the president from power what will carry us through for the next ten years? Who will take over the helm of this pathetic organization that we call a government.

We are featured in this month's Times Magazine. 20th anniversary of the Edsa Revolution.... it's an improvement no doubt. Atleast we can go out at night (without midnight curfews). But my gosh, the government sucks! But what's happening is good television :) This surely beats any pinoy big brother edition.

"Etoh ang Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay," Coup, rally at press release ng mga militar na nagrerevolution. If you really want to stage a military coup you don't give interviews and show tanks. You do something like assasinate someone. Hayyy... Amen!


dahon said…
>>helm of this pathetic organization that we call a government.

and you call yourself apathetic. :) as mused before, are we pinoys capable of being apathetic (no matter what we say)?
Neth said…
true... i think i get apathy and uninvolvement confused.. am i more uninvolved than apathetic? hayy...

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