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Weekend Post

Nothing exciting happening...
Looking forward to our 10 K run this weekend...
Enjoying our hip-hop dance class... instructor's not gay (how do I know? It's a gift hon!)... but he's cute. I love his moves more... I could follow the steps... hurray!

Still feeling icky, hormonal, homicidal.. gosh, do I need Prozac to stabilize my mood swings? Naaahhh.. I have my Meiji Black Chocolates and Icon Magazine to shoo the blues away.

Ohhh... I had a very weird feeling while listening to my I-Pod and heard the song "Nagmamadal" by Bridge. The song was about the conversation between two people who engaged in a one-nite stand and the girl got preggy. It sounds corny but the way they sang it... blew me away (hmmm.. blow me away seems to be my fave phrase lately.. I wonder why.. ).

Who is that girl? I know it's not Grace Nono. But the voice and emotion was so RAW. Gosh... when she sang "Pwede mo na akong iwanan, kaya ko itong panindigan" I have to stop myself from shouting since I am inside my cubie at the office.. "Go Girl! Show that bastard that you don't need his pity! "

Here are some lines. if you see me just grab me and I'll let you listen to it…

Nagmamadali by the Bridge

Maniniwala ka kaya
Kapag sinabi ko sa iyo
Wala kang dapat alalahanin
Wag mo akong tignan ng ganyan

Wala na tayong dapat pag-usapan
Naghuhugas kamay ka lang
Pwede mo na akong iwanaan
Kaya ko itong panindigan

Chorus: (boy en girl)
Sa isang pagtatagpo, saan tayo tutungo
Maghihiwalay ba ang landas natin o sabay na magpapadala sa pabugso-bugsong hangin...


"Cockroach incident"

I had this nocturnal achoochoo... weird but reminded me of the caterpillar incident at the Sunken Garden (gist: I had to let the caterpillar crawl on me during the entire Ikot jeep trip so that I could let it crawl free at the vast greenery of the Sunken Garden.. bow)

I had to go to the bathroom at a very ungodly hour... being the coward that I am, I tried to just close my eyes and go back to sleep. But darn me bladder! I had to pray to whoever up there listens to me, opened all the lights so I could go to the bathroom.

Que horror, there were two cockroaches at the sink. So what did I do? I told them, "Tago kayo ha.. pagbalik ko... Sorry na lang ha.. talagang kailangan kong gumamit ng sink.." I went back to my room, counted to ten.. then went back. There was one remaining cockroach. I said to myself, I have given you a chance, so here goes; I opened the faucet and watched it drown. Then, I went back to sleep thinking that if my teenage self can see me know she'll coil in horror... boo-hoo..



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It's been awhile since I have shared something on this space about my thoughts and my life. Well, where do I start? Maybe just like an old good friend, I will try to give you some highlights on the past years when I was not blogging.

The biggest thing that happened to me so far was I got my Australian citizenship. I know right? I know that it may not be a big deal to others but for me, this is something that I have tried to work on for the past 5 years.  My kababayans might say that I am ungrateful, but we cannot discount the fact that with a blue passport from a country like Australia, I can travel to many countries - visa free without immigration officers trying to catch my eye and check if I am planning to do something illegal on their country.

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My new blue IPOD!!! Love ko itoh!
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First Store --- No more blue or green 4 Gig I-pods, and No socks....

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Third Store --- Boring Store, All of the above as Second Store (but the guy wasn't cute... hihihi)

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