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"Heller 2006! Argh! "

What a way to start the year! So early in the morning at about 5:00 AM to be exact as is my schedule every Monday, I had a fight with the bus conductor. I know, I shouldn't give in to anger during this confrontations because whatever happens I could never win. But he just got into me... well, thank heavens that I don't have a gun... grrr!

I have a very non-confrontational stance, peaceful and gentle disposition but when provoked... take cover! I try so hard to keep that part of me at bay and when I unleash it I only have regret and guilt afterwards so I do my damndest to tame my volcanic temper.

When I was younger I was able to punch a playmate and see him bleed, I think I spoil my brother now because we always fought when we were children. Of course, being the bigger one, I always do something to him that will merit a spanking from my mom. So, to compensate, I always let him win in any of the games.

That's why I am not that aggressive anymore because I know what I can do... I lose control when I lose my temper. But there are times like this one, when I see RED! What a way to start the year, hayyy... hmp!


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At last, there is already a resolution to the settingherfree saga. It took the writer a long time to end it... honestly, I think it's a work of fiction, crafted before valentine's day, to give couple-less individuals a boo-hoo-hoo....

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This is our new business venture. Please place your orders just in time for Valentine's!
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