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"Heller 2006! Argh! "

What a way to start the year! So early in the morning at about 5:00 AM to be exact as is my schedule every Monday, I had a fight with the bus conductor. I know, I shouldn't give in to anger during this confrontations because whatever happens I could never win. But he just got into me... well, thank heavens that I don't have a gun... grrr!

I have a very non-confrontational stance, peaceful and gentle disposition but when provoked... take cover! I try so hard to keep that part of me at bay and when I unleash it I only have regret and guilt afterwards so I do my damndest to tame my volcanic temper.

When I was younger I was able to punch a playmate and see him bleed, I think I spoil my brother now because we always fought when we were children. Of course, being the bigger one, I always do something to him that will merit a spanking from my mom. So, to compensate, I always let him win in any of the games.

That's why I am not that aggressive anymore because I know what I can do... I lose control when I lose my temper. But there are times like this one, when I see RED! What a way to start the year, hayyy... hmp!


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Hello, it's me!

It's been awhile since I have shared something on this space about my thoughts and my life. Well, where do I start? Maybe just like an old good friend, I will try to give you some highlights on the past years when I was not blogging.

The biggest thing that happened to me so far was I got my Australian citizenship. I know right? I know that it may not be a big deal to others but for me, this is something that I have tried to work on for the past 5 years.  My kababayans might say that I am ungrateful, but we cannot discount the fact that with a blue passport from a country like Australia, I can travel to many countries - visa free without immigration officers trying to catch my eye and check if I am planning to do something illegal on their country.

No offense, but every time I stand on the immigration line going into another country, my heart always work double/triple time because I am too anxious to be deported back to my country even if I know that I have the proper visa.

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The first time we settled here in Melbourne we got to know a lot of fellow Pinoys who are living on a different environment. We joined them in making Australia our second home. In each gathering, we try to get to know them better and reconnect.

We didn't know how it happened. But after 2 years, suddenly each couple had their own babies. Don't get me wrong, babies are cute but it was just surprising to note that parties suddenly turn into an event similar to family reunions back home.

Instead of blood relatives, you get to see friends and their kids grown before your eyes. It's not the gray hair that makes me feel old.  It's the babies and kids that are now walking and developing into little adults.

I can't complain. For some reason, it is good for now, to look and enjoy kids from afar. It's fun to carry them for a few minutes compared to living with a baby 24/7. It must be hard. I really commend couples with kids and having to work for a living at th…
Family Vacation - Dec 2013 - Davao

In my 30+ years of existence, we never had a family vacation outside of Luzon. Last December 2013, mama, my bro and I went to Davao to "train" mama to ride a plane. I think she liked it and it's going to be the first of many travels for her.

 I miss them but I am looking forward to our next adventure! :)