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Blogging at the peril of catching the Eye of Uncle Sam...

My eyes really are getting heavy, Herculean effort just to stay awake in front of my PC. What to do? Do I have the guts to blog? Yes, I believe this is my right as a human being... so therefore... I blog.

Porshie Spice suggested that I write about Christmas, "wat it means to me now... wat it meant to u wen u wer a kid or when u where younger...a newly employed girlash free from school." hmmm... where will I start?

I told her that I don't have special sentiments about Christmas. I don't like Christmas. I am no scrooge, but of all Christian traditions or season (I forgot the term), I love the Lenten Season the most.

Oh... there's something I like, the colorful trimmings on the christmas tree, even the hideous decorations in our building... make me shudder just by looking at it. I like bibingka and puto bungbong. I love family gatherings even if I just sit in one corner and eat. hehehe...

When I was younger, I am excited about Santa Claus. I can't wait for morning to come so I could see if my socks contain the magical goodies! Then, one fateful day, as I was helping my mom sort out some shopping bags, I noticed a Mickey mouse toy. But I didn't say anything because I was thinking that maybe that was her gift to one of her "inaanaks". Then, come christmas morning, there it is. The mickey mouse toy inside my christmas socks. How can I describe the disappointment? How the magic was lost? I think that was when my childhood belief in magic ended. No santa claus... so I guess there isn't any God also.. well, that part of the story will come 10 years later.

I guess, Christmas is a necessity. It's that time of the year when everyone should be happy and everything bright. You get to act that everything's ok and of course, for some, this is the time to find for that special someone to make the cold evenings bearable and of course, just in time for the February festivities (Valentine's day).

Well, it's a month away but what the heck... Advance Happy Christmas!
"And so this is Christmas,,, and what have you done... an old year is over and a new one just began.." - John Lennon & Yoko Onno


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