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"The rise of Asia to world dominance..."

Throughout history, the eastern and western civilizations follow the yin-yang model. The West governs technology, independence, material sufficiency, might, power and consumerism - the west governs the physical aspects of man. The East comprising of the more ethereal religions and belief systems such as Buddhism, Hinduism, the Tao, Shintoism concerned mainly with matters of the spirit and the soul.

But as we see the turn of events in this century, the West is crumbling. Their youths are decadent with material wealth, lethargy and of course, their dwindling birth rate. They were doomed by their opulence. The coming century belongs to the East. The rise of China, India and Korea as the next superpowers is not far fetched.

Movies are no longer dominated by Hollywood (although they still can extend their political muscle to have our minds brainwashed by their programming). We now watch Asian movies with gusto such as The Ring, The Classic, My Sassy Girl and of course who could forget Meteor Garden. OPM is now on the rise because the West fails to give us something new. The same old formula of the American Music Industry which we now disregard maybe because we are satiated with rap, ghettos, and other sentiments which we can no longer relate to.

India has a space program, China is slowly embracing capitalism; the Philippines is slowly growing politically. Believe it or not, what we are experiencing was experienced before by France during the overturn of their Monarchy (a.k.a. The French Revolution). Before, during and after the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, their rulers were overturned by the whim of the mob. But look at them now; they have at least reached political stability.

I have high hopes for the Philippine government. Imagine this, in the future; we'll have Mar Roxas as our president, Korina his fist lady, Kris Aquino as his vice president. Then after Mar's term, Kris will be president. The first gentleman will be James Yap (or someone in that mold) and the Philippine Parliament populated with "thinking and feeling" politicians. That will be the Philippines that could meet the challenge of the rise of Asia as a world superpower.


why are gifted and beautiful people sarcastic? tell me please?


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