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Love Infinitum...

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We watched the Spanish film "La Buena Estrella (Lucky Star)" in Greenbelt 1 as part of the ongoing Spanish Film Festival. Film Festivals never cease to offer something new. Maybe, because our brains were already fried-dry by the mechanized movies churned by Hollywood and foreign film festivals/art films are the coolers to rejuvenate our dying brain cells and hardened hearts.

This movie is very similar in theme to the movie we've seen in a previous European film festival (sorry, brain cells in zzzzz mode, can't remember the title of the french movie)... "Can you really love two people at the same time?"

I've read somewhere that love is like "infinity". We cannot compare two infinities. There is no "less" infinite and "more" infinite. Infinity has no ending, and no beginning. It's not measurable but it's just is. But we all know what infinity is, we understand the concept but we never bother to measure it.

Love is also the same as infinity. "All we need is love!" This I firmly believe. You can really love two people at the same time, but just like infinity, you cannot say that you love one more than the other. The other may offer you stability, companionship while the other can inject zest in your life. You love both of them but there are times that in your journey you need one more than the other and vis-a-vis.

Problem exists because of the problem in language. Mr. Webster offers one word for all these feelings: lust, companionship, friendship, admiration, infatuation, agape, etc.... "LOVE".

This is one of the reasons why I still believe in marriage. It may be a tradition but traditions to humans are what instincts are to animals. They're essential. We direly need them because for instance in marriage, we offer our COMMITMENT to only one person to keep a relationship going even if your heart belongs to someone else.

We fall in and out of love. It's a surety that we will love one person now and then love another... but in marriage we are bonded by commitment. It's what keep families and societies glued together. I think romantic love is overrated (but of course this may be my jadedness and cynicism talking).


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