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Just like the Irish, I think there's a gene that dictates alcohol tolerance. I should know, I grew up around beer bottles. Every time my father will come home from Dubai (naks, free plug for star cinema), there will always be cases and cases of beer at home and of course, clouds of cigarette smoke galore.

Every male in my father's side is a "sunog baga". I think there was a water shortage in the past and the clan had to resort to drinking beer to survive. Well, that's just a theory. I am just simply amaze by the number of bottles that each cousin, uncle and of course my father can empty.

I had my first 'drink' during our graduation party. For me, it was legit since officially, we were college graduates and we're way past eighteen.... so freedom!

That night, we were given beer stubs, each stub is equivalent to one bottle of beer. My friends will give me their beer stubs because they're not to keen in drinking. That night I think I downed many bottles but surprisingly I didn't get drunk. That was when I first learned that I inherited the gene.

As I started work and befriended male colleagues, they will take me to bars and again, I could hold my own in their midst. I think given a drinking bout I can beat all of them. Then, I moved to a different company and no more drinking sessions. Sadness, but after two years, a plug was ignited. My system that was intolerant of alcohol is now back to normal. Happy days are here again.

Why do I like to drink beer? I like the taste (surprise! i also like grapefruit juice which is a bitter drink). I also like the heady, tipsy-turvy, helter skelter feeling. Of course, I like the talk and conversations when under the influence. I think you can get to know people more in one drinking session as compared to years(well, different stokes for different folks I guess).

But of course, this may be the European past life speaking... so to all beer loving people out there.... "CHEERS!" "Iba talaga pag may pinagsamahan... "


Anonymous said…
Great Blog, I added it to my list and will check in often!

Best Wishes,
Fast Reading
marts said…
Something I can't do... love beer. I hate the smell (it smells like piss, or maybe, the piss smelled like beer because the piss came from a beer drinker or something), I don't like it's bitter taste, same way I don't like ampalaya. Incidentally, I like black beer. Try it sometime!

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