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"FRieNdsHiPs ArE LiKe GlAsS... It MiGhT bE BeTtEr To Be BrOkEn Up ThAn To GeT hUrT TrYiNg To PuT iT bAcK ToGeThEr."


dahon said…
this is saddest! is repairing something costs much than what we are repairing it for?

eto ba yung si ano? :) well, then I would have to agree, hehehe!
Neth said…
sadly, yup... sya yun... :)
T said…
You are obviously hurting over someone. I hope to God its no-one I know!

I just want to share a perspective with you quickly - I do believe that people come into our lives exactly when we need them and for a reason. They also move out of our lives at exactly the "right" time. That might be suddenly or it might be a drift, or perhaps they walk along side us the whole way ...

Why did this person come into your life in the first place? What is it the "Universe" wanted you to learn from this person? Did you learn it? Is this the lesson now?

I could be a million miles off base. But then again, perhaps I came into your life just to pass you this message. Or not....
Neth said…
hello :)

thanks for ur advise! i really appreciate ur concern.

thanks again!

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