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Popcorn thoughts...

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First of all, congratulations to our soccer team for winning second place! Even if we didn't win the much coveted first place trophy, the camaraderie and friendships that were formed are truly unforgettable. Go team!

1. I am wearing an oversized blouse. I think I should buy clothes for myself for once. My brother and mother are the ones who buy my clothes and stuff -- in fairview, they have good tastes, better than mine.

Yes... I belong to the nearly-extinct sub-species of the girl population. I don't like shopping. I get so tense and uncomfortable when I enter a dress boutique, even a shoes store. I only get excited if I get to buy rubber shoes, rackets, shuttlecocks, balls, weights, books, cds, magazine, but not clothes, shoes, and other vanity items. It's just me I guess. Different strokes, for different folks..

2. Yesterday was the first time that I heard flawless Tagalog words being uttered by a Caucasian. It was disarming. But it's true, hearing your own language being uttered by a foreigner is such a joy!

3. In badminton, I felt my age! My doubles partner kept referring to me as 'Ate' (big sister). Ganito pala ang feeling. Oh well, it's fun to have a younger, more agile partner (diba Cris?). I am starting to like 'Little Boy'.

4. I can't wait to have my copy of Harry Potter VI - the half-blood prince!

5. I sure hope that the Beauty and the Beast play will be good.

6. I am also excited with my first baddicts EB! I am looking forward to meeting nice folks who share the same passion. I am not a great badminton player but I am truly in-love with it! It keeps me sane!

7. My cubbie-hole is filled with chocolate crumbs. I have a unique identification system for my keyboard and mouse. Just taste it, and if it's choco-flavored, with crumbs and sticky then it must be mine!

P.S. There is an increasing number of protestors in Ayala. We live in a mobcracy - rule of mobs... I just hope that there is really such a thing as the wisdom of crowds..

-- Amen!


You don't win second place. You lose first place.
Neth said…
Competitive ka talaga gerry! Lam mo naman kami.. masaya na sa second place.. hahaha.. we'll do better next taym!
little boy is really a prodigy, in one way or another. and hey, i spot him first! LOL.

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