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A weekend of firsts

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This was a tiring but a very enjoyable weekend. A weekend of firsts for me...
1. The first time that I ever set foot at Ateneo Grounds. Yup, last saturday was the first day of our Football Season. In fairness, we had the cutest uniform. Armed with tons of water and bottles of Sun Block Lotion, we braved the extreme heat of the sun (1:30 pm! - imagine the heatstroke!) for our first 2 games.
The first game was fun! Both teams comprise of soccer novices. It was action-packed! With all the kicking, screaming and running we were on fire! The first game was a draw (considered a win by the way in soccer).
The second game was a different story. The opposing team have experienced soccer players. There were only 4 players while we had 10. Imagine that, 4 against 10. And they beat us single-handedly (special mention to pink 5 who is really a spanking good soccer player). A memorable scene: Pink 5 being chased by 3 players and she easily placed a goal! Argh! But of course, special mention to Ms Lili who scored a goal! Touchdown!
It was hot, tiring, and sweaty. But it was loads of fun! I now know why soccer is the number 1 sports in the world!

2. Sunday - my first time to sell something. We helped out in selling some second-hand goods for our company's outreach program. For the life of me, I was put on the spot trying to add 130 and 250 (gosh, I have a new-found respect for traders and sellers - it's really hard!) It felt good to do something for the less fortunate.

I do hope that we can accomplish our goal. But with a team of dedicated individuals in soccer and in our outreach program, I think all the pain is so worth it! Go team!


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