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st anthony of padua
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Yup, your eyes are not deceiving you. There is actually a picture of a saint in my page. I just think this is interesting... (well, i hope it's interesting.. and maybe it can help a mother-wannabe out there... wishing for a child..... )

If ever I am going to write a biography or a memoir, I already have an interesting story on how I came to be. Aside from the birds and the bees, there is a story that I like to share to my friends.

Here is my story, of how I came to this world.. (naks!)...

My mother and father were married for about four years already and they were still without a child. My mom have a condition that makes pregnancy very, very difficult. I cringe when I hear the story... she suffered from two miscarriages and they were beginning to get resigned to the idea that they would not be gifted with a child.

One night, my mom dreamed of a man in brown robes (a monk robe I presumed - well, I think my mom could have dreamed of a jedi knight - well, just hoping...)... and she kept on having the recurrent dream and she asked my grandma about it. For she had no idea of who this person was...

My grandma told my mom, that she was dreaming of St Anthony of Padua. The saint in Bulacan for women who wants to have children. So, my mom and dad went to Bulacan to "dance for a child". May discoteque na kaya nun? Anyway, to cut the long story short, after nine months... I was born into this world.

So every year, on the 13th of June, my family goes to Bulacan to give thanks. I, for giving me my mom and dad... and I hope, my mom and dad are thankful that they have me. :)

Thus, our names (my bro and I) were derived from this saint. Amen!


you are a GIFT indeed!
Anonymous said…
gerry: You can also ask St. Anthony de Padua for help if you have trouble finding something. :D
Neth said…
Hey cris! thanks! mwah! sana ma-realize ng lahat ng fifol na we are all gifts to our families :)

Yup, he is also a saint for those na nawawala.... :)
dahon said…
anto, this is one of the nicest entries i've read this week! ang sarap ng feelin pagkatapos basahin!

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