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Unforgettable Moments with Mama....

This sunday is Mother's day! I was treated with early mother's day sentiments when the topic for Chico and Delamar's Top Ten (radio show) - Unforgettable mom moments. I can't help but think of my own LOL moments with my mom as I was fighting back tears because of the melodramatic entries from the rushers.

I walked into the room to find my mom seriously scribbling something on paper... from my vantage point, I thought she was writing an address or something. I moved closer for a better look and there she was writing the last sentence... "Pass this on to ten other people..." My gosh.. as realization struck me... my mom is writing the text message she has received and my mom (I haven't taught her how to forward text messages) was going to compose a new message containing what she has written to be sent to her friends. I was really fighting tears because I was laughing so hard.

Another text message incident.... As all of us know, we always received messages from those 4 digit numbers (2209, 2208, etc.), advising us of new promos. My mom was awaken by such a message and my dear mom... texted back to 2209... "Kung ayaw niyong magpatulog.... wag kayong mag-abala ng iba at wag na kayong magpapadala ng messages sa akin." My brother and I looked at each other and really laughed out loud. My mom looked at the two of us and said,"Naloloko na ba kayo ha.. at tawa kayo ng tawa dyan..."

But even if she is technically challenged (I think I got this from her)... she is the most caring person I know. I swear that she must be psychic. I don't know if I could be the mother that she is. But for all it's worth, I am happy that fate chose her to be my mom... sniff.. sniff...


dahon said…
awwww...your super funny mom reminds me of my funnier mom :)

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